These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 14.

Growth and the City

Ruby has always wanted to try out Doctor Byron's shrink ray. One night, as she and her girlfriend are working late, she propositions a woman name Grace who works in administration to let them into the lab. But Grace doesn't have a key . . . so they turn to the beautiful and mysterious custodian Marion who, through an oversight, has access.
But things don't go as planned . . .
When Ruby attempts enlarge something she's shrunken down, the machine malfunctions and fills the lab with radiation. Now, all four girls are growing . . . It's a race to get out of the lab, but what happens if the growth doesn't stop?

Contains: (Growing women up to mega sized)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Delia Cyrillo.

The Girls at the Bar 2: Fun at Home

Now that Josh has been shrunken to micro-size, Lauren down to three centimeters, and Angela down to nine centimeters, teh fun is just starting. But there's a hitch in Alyssa's plan . . . she didn't count on Jenny showing up . . .<br><br>Now Alyssa is also shrinking, but there's a problem: All three of the tiny people are caught in the middle! Josh can only watch as the bigger ladies fight and struggle to remain in control of the shrinking serum . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, micro-sized man, nudity but not a lot of sexual content)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Amanda Vargas.

Mass Shrinking: A Micro-Shrinking Story

Amanda Wolfe has perfected the art of shrinking. She installs special devices in a busy airport that can shrink people and transport them to her body in an instant. She finds this activity so arousing that she turns up the power, and now a whole city is whisked away, piece by piece, only to find itself on her massive flesh.

Contains: (Shrinking men, shrinking women, all micro-sized. Some vore)
Bonding Retreat:
A Fantasy Park Story

Deloris decided to take her mother Clara on an adventure after her husband died. They visit Tristan Falls, a fantasy park based on a popular series of transformation books. They're given potions and before long, the girls are getting taller and hairier. They're becoming wolves!

Contains: (growth up to 10 feet, changing from woman to wolf, hair growth, group masturbation)
A Violent Shrunken Men Story

Shauna always wanted a normal life. She'd been with one bad man after another but she always thought Daniel would be different. Turns out, Daniel is the worst one of all . . .

He brings her victims--shrunken men from her life who've done bad things to her so that she might play with them and put them to a grisly end. With each one, she hopes Daniel will accept her, and that they can have a normal life.

But Daniel is part of the problem, and somehow he'll need to be dealt with just like the shrunken men . . . .

Contains: (shrunken men, shrunken woman, extreme bloody and gory violence)
The Girls at the Bar 3
The Littlest Pets

Josh and Lauren have been shrunken down to just a few inches tall. But before Jenny and Angela will restore them to regular size, they must be shrunken down even further. Josh and Lauren and dwindling faster, swapping sizes, getting closer and closer to microscopic size.

But Angela has a friend . . .

She invites Mike over for a visit, and after dosing him with his own shrink serum, she decides to put Josh and Lauren in a naughty place between herself and Mike . . .
Contains: (shrinking man, shrinking woman, down to micro, man and woman on giant dick)