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These stories are available individually and part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 6. 
Each Story is available individually in Audiobook format from various narrators.

The Funhouse
Nick and Amber had always been the short couple, but it was never a problem until they were with their tall friends, Brad and April. When the group decides to check out a carnival, they are drawn to the funhouse, to the hall of mirrors. Inside, they see themselves as bigger or smaller. But when they leave, they discover their sizes now match their reflections! Now, Nick and Amber are the big ones, and in a local hotel, they decide to try out their new bodies . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man/woman, Growing man/woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by CharlieData.

The Island of Tinies
After shipwrecking on a tropical island, Johnathon realizes things aren't as they seem. A six-inch woman introduces herself, then leads him to her tiny city, filled only with women. As he gets aquainted with the little ladies, he realizes his body is changing . . . and now he's shrinking. He plays with the girls on his descent, and soon, he's looking up at them . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man/ Tiny women)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Melanie Hastings.

The Mirror
When Nick and Katie hang the old mirror his grandmother gave them, they begin to see her inside it. They're both rather short, so when she blesses them with the gift of growth, they are able to turn the tables on their seven-foot-tall rivals, Austin and Heather. But it isn't enough to simply be the same size as the tall couple . . .

Contains: (Couple growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Adara Astin.

High School Reunion
Jay and Amber were hookup buddies in high school, but she was never more than that. He just didn't like short girls. Fast forward ten years and he's walking down the hallway of his old high school, the reunion in full-swing. When he turns around, he bumps into someone . . . his old fling who, mysteriously has shot up to seven feet tall! As they discuss plans to have fun and rekindle, Jay realizes she wants to get even bigger . . . even if it means he has to get smaller . . .

Contains: (Growing/big woman, shrinking man)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Concha di Pastoro.

Giant-Sized Revenge
Caitlyn had always been short. She'd also always been jealous. After her boyfriend breaks up with her for another girl, she sets to work on a growth serum that could make her taller. She realizes that if she takes a large enough dose, the effects will be permanent. Once she has a couple friends try out the serum with her, she doesn't mind to get even bigger . . . And now, she can take her revenge on her boyfriend and his new love . . . properly.

Contains: (Growing women)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Concha di Pastoro.

Josh and Abby Get Big
When Josh bought an island getaway for his wife, he never imagined it held a secret, hidden cave. After Abby goes exploring, she finds an old boat carrying a crate of mysterious vials. After she's drawn to drink one, she grows a few feet taller. Now, she has a lust that can't be contained. She takes the whole crate back to her husband, and together it's a game as one grows bigger than the other, until they're enormous, having fun on the beach . . .

Contains: (Growing woman/man)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Concha di Pastoro.

Childhood Friend
Nick hasn't seen Amber in many years, but he has missed talking to her. She's decided to come home to take classes at their local university, and Nick agrees to let her crash at his place for a few days. When he first sees her, he's amazed that she's grown so big--the once short Amber is now eight feet tall! But it doesn't end there . . . when they start playing with each other, they realize that the other's fluids have a unique property--something to make the size-difference more pronounced . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man, growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Tena Bunnell.

The Birthday Wish
Joanna had always been short. It was always a source of contention between her and her husband, Dan. When he throws her a surprise 30th birthday party, he takes the opportunity to make fun of her small stature. Upset, Joanna makes a birthday wish to be bigger . . . and as the next morning rolls around, she wakes up to be a staggering 7 feet tall! Now, she wants to have fun with Dan, but she realizes her growing has not stopped . . .

Contains: (Growing woman, shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Katrina Medina.

The Book Club
When Paul Delvay's writing career came to an end, he decided to put his giant woman fetish to use. Under the pen name Johnny Smalls, he cultivates a following of mostly women fans. One day, he receives an invite to join a book club in the town of Laurel Grove. He meets several southern belles who are genuinely turned on to meet an author with the same kinks. But what Paul doesn't realize is that these women are witches, and as he begins the reading of his book, his clothes begin to feel loose . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Meaghan Grant.

Downsizing New Yorkers
After Glenna takes a shrunken woman back to her universe, her House sisters decide to check out the Big Apple for themselves. Now, at a toy show event, a group of Regalians find a few sexy women, shrink them, and have playtime! It's all so simple until even more Regalians show up. Now, the whole event has turned into one, pint-sized free-for-all!

Contains: (Lots of shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Angie Hall.

Fantasy Park
From Amber Collins, a story unlike any of her others . . .Becca and Tasha are invited to work at an exclusive park that begins with choosing mysterious potions. As they explore this world based on a best-selling fantasy author, they discover the effects of the potions are rather odd. Tasha is getting bigger, stretching taller with each passing minute. But Becca . . . she's starting to feel a much deeper change. Her skin is itchy, her senses are sharpening. Little does she know, she's about to become a wolf!

Contains: (Growing woman to 12 feet tall, woman transformation to a wolf)

Audiobook also available, as read by Katrina Medina.

The Candy
Nick and Amber just returned from a week in Europe where he brought back some exotic candy. When he eats it before bed and wakes the next morning, he's astounded to find that he's grown to ten feet tall! Amber likes this size, but she can't do much with him . . . So she decides to take some for herself! Now, the ten-foot couple doesn't want to stop there . . .

Contains: (Giant couple)

Audiobook also available, as read by Paige Lucas.

Empress War
Book 1: Escape from Nitwar!
Giantesses ruled Earth 200 years ago . . .
Set in the same universe as the Corporate Saga, Empress War - Book 1: Escape from Nitwar! is the first story in a series of sci-fi adventure, with plenty of size-changing fun!

The universe is divided between giantesses . . .

A group of rebels will defy them both . . .

Contains: (Shrinking woman, giant woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Elizabeth vore.

Lab Partners
Nick didn't like the idea that he needed an Earth science lab to complete his college courses. He certainly didn't like being partnered with an eight foot woman with a reputation. But the more he gets to know Beth, the more he likes her . . . especially when she takes him to the bedroom. Now, she's growing larger each time they have fun, and he has to ask himself . . . when will it end?

Contains: (Growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Luna Belle.

Message Board Giantess
Nick had always fantasized about meeting someone who shared his interests in the giantess community. When he meets Shelley, she seems almost too good to be true. They have a great long-distance relationship that grows more each day. But when she surprises him and shows up on his doorstep, he's overjoyed to find she's a little larger than the average girl. The more they play, the more he realizes that size is no longer relative to someone who can brew potions!

Contains: (Giant/growing woman, shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Sara Serolf

Special Soy Sauce
A Shrinking Couple Story
Amber had no choice but to move in with Jay and Beth while her divorce was being finalized. She was the researcher at a local lab, but Jay and Beth thought her work was incredibly boring. One day, after a mix-up with Amber's formula, the couple accidentally find themselves shrinking down while having a little fun. But later, Amber comes home and decides she wants to join in on this fun . . .

Contains: (shrinking man/woman, brief giant woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Juliet Blue.

The Goliath Virus
Across the world, women are coming down with a virus, one that slowly makes them grow until they are double their normal size. Hannah is tasked with journaling the pandemic. Quarantined with her girlfriend, Ashleigh, both girls succumb to the 'illness' and it's up to Hannah to make a record of all the changes. They discover having a growing virus isn't the worst thing in the world . . .

Contains: (Giant women)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Juliet Blue.

Special Soy Sauce 2:
Shrinking the Ex-Husband
After refining her growth and shrinking formulas, Amber and her friend Beth decide that it's time to teach Jason a lesson. They invite him over and when he sees the giantesses, he passes out, only to wake up much, much smaller. Now, they decide to have a little sexual fun . . . Beth, Jay, and Amber all take turns playing with the tiny man.

Contains: (Giant women/man, shrinking man)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Juliet Blue.

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