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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 9. they are also all available on audiobook.

Beth's VR Experience
Beth wasn't much--short, flat-chested, unremarkable. But her husband Nick had a wonderful anniversary gift--a VR headset that could transport her into a fantasy world. Now, Beth has a whole city at her fingertips, and the ability to grow inside the simulation. Once she realizes her actions have no consequences, she decides to have a little fun, and get a little bigger . . .

Contains: (Growing woman, vore, crush)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lexi Davenport.

Jenny's Shrink Ray
Dave had always crushed on Jenny . . .

In high school and college they exchanged stories of how it would be cool to shrink a person, but Dave never thought he'd get the chance. Years later, Jenny is having marriage trouble, and her research has finally netted her a working shrink ray! When her husband is out of town, she invites Dave over to be the first human test subject . . . and finally she will get to try all the naughty things she's been talking about for years.

Amber Collins returns to her roots in this new shrinking man story!

Contains: (Shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lindsey M. Kline.

The New Hires
A Corporate Story
Now that Trish and Sienna have been shrunken down and joined the office pool of tinies, Jenna must find new hires. She recruits Haley and McKenzie, fresh out of college brats who want nothing more than to be pampered. But when Trish tells them about the hidden shrink ray on site, they hatch a devious plan to take over the office.

Contains: (Tiny man, tiny women, shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lexi Davenport.

The Old Girls' Club
A Corporate Story
The Old Girls' Club ran the corporate world. Unspoken leader Beth Dixon came from old money, long before the Giantesses ruled Earth. Now, she's troubled by the issues at one of the Corporation's branches. Jenna Culpepper has made a name for herself, and Beth doesn't like it one bit. Once she learns of the hostilities between Jenna and her former employees Trish and Sienna--a pair of shrunken-down sex slaves--she decides to restore them to normal size, and let the fun begin . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, tiny women, crush)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lexi Davenport.

The Shrink Bomb
The Follow-Up Story to The Shrink Camps
After fleeing with a six-inch Scott, Cassandra admits that a bomb is about to be dropped on Philadelphia with the ability to shrink all its residents. But Cassandra places a firewall on Ms. Sinclair's server, and now the rigid commander will stop at nothing to have her back. While the SIRENS are learning how much fun shrinking technology can be, Scott and Cassandra are simply trying to survive . . .

Contains: (Tiny man, Shrinking men, shrinking women)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Stephanie Haughton.

A Perfect Getaway
A Corporate Story
In this final tale, Jenna and Kendra are invited to the Cove, an island resort that once belonged to the parent company of the Corporation. But they aren't the only ones who will be enjoying its luxuries--Trish and Sienna will also be staying. Now, Jenna has stumbled onto old growth tech, but Beth has a secret up her sleeve to deal with it . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, crush, growing women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lexi Davenport.

The Shrinking Maid
Reki only wanted a job to supplement her buying habits. But when she signs on with Divinity Housekeeping, she learns that the clients pay for her to be pretty, not so much cleaning. She takes a job from a mysterious Russian millionaire and after dutifully going to work. . . she realizes she's shrinking! Now, Reki is trapped, and she learns that Selena Dopavitch planned it all along . . .

Contains: (shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Kelli Wood.

Power Couple: Ascendant
Nick and Jie did a bad thing . . .

After stealing Jane Masterson's shrinking formula and then ingesting a mysterious blue substance from her purse, both are starting to grow. As they inch higher, they realize they want to have a little fun. But when Jie realizes they'll need new clothes, getting fitted will be an endeavor of its own . . .

Contains: (Growing man, growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Sera Serolf.

Little Women on Campus
A Sorority Shrinkers Story
Rebecca Thornsbury's paper on matter compression earned her a full scholarship at Blaylock University. She's been building a shrink ray for the past few weeks and is now ready to try it on a living organism.

Shae Childress is a snobby freshman who is paired with Rebecca in the lab. When the stuck-up beauty realizes the fun she can have with shrinking tech, she makes the science nerd a nice offer . . .

But Blaylock University is host to Kappa Gamma Nu, and at the helm is Veronica Keener whose mother is the president of the college. Once she learns that a shrink ray exists on campus, she'll use it to propel her own devious desires . . .

Little Women on Campus is the first story in a new series: The Sorority Shrinkers!

Contains: (shrinking women)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Hannah Mock.

Shrunken by Samantha
A Brutal Shrunken Man Story
**WARNING - Graphic giantess violence**

Grant has always wanted to get into the exclusive Helix Club. When he finally scores a spot, he enters without reading the fine print. Now, after consuming a mystery liquid on his table, as per the club requirements, he is shrunken down to six-inches tall. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend Samantha planned the whole thing, and now he must appease her or else he'll never leave the club alive . . .

Contains: (shrinking man, violence, crush)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

Shrunken Cheer Squad
A Sorority Shrinkers Story
Now that Veronica Keener is in possession of the shrink ray - and a couple tiny women, she decides she wants to experience more shrunken fun. She sets her sight on a rival sorority, and their leader Kathleen Daniels. Now, she has the woman all to herself, a mere six-inches tall. But Veronica won't be satisfied until she's captured the whole cheer squad . . .
Contains: (shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

A Political Shrinking
The Prequel Story to A Sudden Outbreak of Shrinking
Before the New Liberty shrinking virus there was a spy named Miles. Along with her squad of lady operatives, the Swordsisters, she is an unstoppable force. When she discovers a new shrinking tech in the field, she's all too curious. Now, she's been hired by Ms. Sinclair to take out a political rival, a man who may stand in her way of creating a New Liberty lab. Miles must use every weapon in her arsenal to infiltrate his party - including the exotic shrink tech.

Contains: (shrinking women, shrinking men)

Audiobook also available, as read by Angie Hall.

Small Times at Blaylock U
A Sorority Shrinkers Story
With the cheer squad shrunken down, Blaylock U's president Annabelle Keener decides to intervene. She has to clean up her daughter's mess--but in the process gains the shrink ray. Now, with plans to take over a rival college, she knows that Rebecca's research must continue. She enlarges the girl back to normal, gives her Shae to help in the lab, and demands more shrink rays be built . . .

Contains: (shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

Power Couple: Penultimate
Now that Jie and Nick have access to Jane Masterson's cash and credit cards, they decide to hit up a local underground club. Standing at a commanding 7 and 8 feet, the club kids tower above all the rest on the dance floor. But as the night gives way to drunken fun, Nick makes a discovery - Jie is starting to grow again.

Contains: (Giant woman, man, growing woman man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Talula Rouge.

Unstable Sizes
The Follow-Up Story to The Shrink Bomb
After a terrible malfunction with the shrink bomb, Cassandra and Ms. Sinclair start to grow uncontrollably. But that isn't the only change--The members of SIREN, along with Scott, realize their sizes aren't stable, and they're prone to growth and shrinking at any moment.

But Miles, Ms. Sinclair's by-the-book spy is back in action, and once she realizes who the real enemy is, her allegiance will change . . . She seizes an opportunity to capture growth tech.

Contains (growing women, giant women, shrinking women, shrinking men, growing men, dick growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

A Shrinking Halloween Party
A Sorority Shrinkers Story
Now that Annabelle Keener has taken control of Rebecca's lab, she begins mass producing shrink rays. She decides to hand them out to her friends at her annual Halloween bash. The unsuspecting guests will never know what hit them!

But Rebecca and Shae weren't invited. They decided to get small, and crash the party . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

The Big Surprise
Amber knows that Nick likes tall women. After he invites his lab partner home for a friendly dinner, she's overcome with jealousy -- Beth stands at seven feet tall, while Amber isn't even five! She leaves the house, crying because Nick won't take Amber's side during a fight. But she comes across a strange carnival that reminds her of childhood. After visiting the funhouse, she realizes she's now twelve feet tall . . .

Nick will certainly love her now . . .

Contains (Growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Kaylee West.

Unstable World
The Follow-Up Story to Unstable Sizes
Ms. Sinclair has escaped . . .

Using a high-tech synth body, she's left the Hive in ruins and Swordsisters in chaos. But Miles and her girls steal the schematic for Ms. Sinclair's size-changing suit and now, the battlefield has been leveled . . .As Ms. Sinclair meets up with an old friend who possesses the ability to shrink buildings and monuments, she realizes she might be in over her head . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, shrinking man, growing women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

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