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These stories appear for sale on Gumroad. Sometimes Amazon doesn't like the content of my work!

The Invasion Error.jpg

The Invasion Error: A HARD Vore Story


This is Amber Collins like you've never seen her. This novel is 50,000 words of pure carnage.

The Invasion Error follows a race of millimeter-high aliens who plotted an invasion without first learning the scale of their adversaries. The entire fleet lands in the back yard of a pair of housesitters.

Karen and her girlfriend Amy are amused by the billions of tiny people! They eat them, stomp them, and think up all sorts of horrific ways to play with them.

This story is not for everyone! I mean it when I say this is a HARD vore story. Read at your own peril!

Unusual Execution.jpg

Unusual Execution


When size tech becomes a reality, Beth steps up to the be an unforgiving executioner. This story is perfect if you like crush and vore.


Giantess Inferno


This story follows the seven deadly demons as they outline the awful torment visited upon their victims. Demons are quite naughty, very big, and very aroused . . .


Contains: (Giant women up to 300 feet tall, lots of horrible naughtiness, vore, crush, etc.)

A Society of Size.png

A Society of Size


Imagine a world where social status is measured in inches . . .

Thomas and Megan are both worried they may lose their jobs and thus their size. When Megan agrees to test her boss's miniature pleasure robots, he sees great potential in her and decides to give her a promotion . . .

Now she's growing and Thomas has to learn how to keep up. Will their marriage survive?

Contains: (Growing woman to seventy five feet tall, shrinking man to micro)

Galactic Torture.jpg

Galactic Torture


After a freak accident on the way to Saturn, Charlie finds himself guilty of several deaths. He's been sent to a distant galaxy for his execution . . . a rather unique one. He's to die over and over in an arena in front of thousands of screaming fans.

But he won't be facing off with typical gladiators. He will go against Beth, a four hundred foot tall woman.

Contains: (Giant woman at four hundred feet, crush, insertion, vore)

Belle’s Place 2.png

Belle's Place 2: The Film


Belle is back! When an art student makes an interesting film about the treatment of tiny men, Belle allows her to screen it at the restaurant. Once the captive little men see it and understand how they are being exploited, they rebel.

But this is all part of the game . . .

Contains: (Men at 1 cm tall, lots of vore, lots of crush)

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