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Come on in and have a drink . . .

Here you will find all my stories that center around the medicinal aspect of size--potions, pills, elixirs.


The Potion Collection


From Amber Collins, mistress of size tales comes a new collection that focuses on the hallmark concept of the potion. Whether it is shrinking or growing, drinking or injecting, these tales are sure to please.

Stories Included:

1. Kate’s Birthday Present
2. Let’s Park
3. The Businesswoman
4. The General’s Daughter
5. The Size Lounge
6. The Cake Baker
7. The Work Retreat
8. The Size Resort
9. Shrink the Abuser
10. Melissa’s Bedroom
11. 50 Sizes Smaller
12. The Princess
13. Sorority Sisters
14. Never Drink from Unknown Bottles
15. Keri’s Potion
16. The Inmate
17. Shrink Prison

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Angie Hall.

The Potion Collection: Volume 2


From Amber Collins comes the awaited follow-up to the popular The Potion Collection. Amber is back with ten stories of size changing that involves potions, serums, shots, and magic dust.

Stories included:

Get Off, Get Small
Get Off, Get Big
Gym Formula
Olympic Formula
Giantess Spa
Shrink Assassin
The Photographer
The Giants in the Lab
The Cat Burglar
Jasmine’s Big D Formula


The Potion Collection: Volumes 1 and 2

Contains all stories listed above in volumes one and two.


The Potion Collection: Volume 3

From Amber Collins, the Mistress of Size, comes the latest installment of the potion series, stories that focus on potion-based shrinking and growing. Included stories:

Miss Amber’s Escort Service
Ali’s Secret Fantasy
The Gift
Scott’s Small Problem
The Kahea Fruit
Always Read the Label
Giantess Yoga
High School Reunion
Giant-Sized Revenge
Josh and Abby Get Big


The Potion Collection: Volume 4

From Amber Collins, author of nearly 150 size-based stories comes the latest in the popular potion series. Ten stories include:

The Candy
Special Soy Sauce
Special Soy Sauce 2
Message Board Giantess
Sarah’s Naughty Serum
Back to Basics
Power Couple
Club Chick Gets Small
Sister’s Games
Bigger Than You


The Potion Collection: Volume 5

From Amber Collins, author of over 200 size-related erotica stories, audiobooks, and novellas, comes the latest in the Potion Collection . . . stories that revolve around growing and shrinking through medicinal means.

Stories include:

Intoxicating Effects of Shrinking
Downsized Domina
Rise to Power
Power Couple – Ascendant
Power Couple – Penultimate
Shrunken by Samantha
Bite-Sized Broncos
Super Serum
Back to School
Hiding Josh


The Potion Collection: Volume 6

From Amber Collins, author of hundreds of size-changing erotica stories, collections, and audiobooks, comes the newest edition of potion-based tales. These stories focus on potions/pills that invoke growing to gigantic sizes, or shrinking down to become super small!

Stories included:

The Mishap
Size Does Matter
Shrinking Behind Schedule
Shrinking Ahead of Schedule
Not That Fun
Size Still Matters
The Giantess Experience
Shrinking on Schedule
Power Couple Apotheosis
The Big Oops!

Audiobook also available, as read by April N. Bivans.


The Potion Collection: Volume 7

From Amber Collins, author of more than 300 size-related erotic stories comes the latest in the potion collection series. These stories have an emphasis on serums, pills, potions, and tonics. Stories included in this collection are:

The Giantess Slave
The Girls at the Bar
Princess Island
Kat’s Private Retreat
Bridal Rampage
Cold Feet
A Bouquet of Grooms
The Pills
The Pills: Part 2
Shrinking Mankind

Audiobook also available, as read by Stephanie Haughton.

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