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Going Down . . .

My hubby and I had an interesting conversation last night about our biggest fantasies within the fantasy. We each named off our top three. I suppose this is why we get along so well. Anyway, here's the list:


  1. Feeling my clothes rip off as I grow/seeing the world change around me

  2. Having someone go down on me as I grow, slowly pushing more and more of them into me . . .

  3. Holding an 18 inch or so man up high so I can suck him off.


  1. Shrinking while getting a blowjob at a rate of about two inches a minutes

  2. Making out with my feet as they get bigger and bigger (this works for him whether he's shrinking or I'm growing)

  3. His number 3 turns out to be MY number 2, so that's pretty awesome

Do you share this stuff with your significant other? You need to be doing that! We are sort of isolated in this fantasy, so the more people who know about it and accept it, the better! Go tell someone about macrophilia today!


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