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The Giantess Mindset

I'm not sure if this is a problem that is unique to me, or if the other ladies in the community experience it, as well. I find myself wanting to be big . . . Not just in sexual situations (as it's always been in the past) but in my every day life. I was sitting in a crowded doctor's office the other day, looking down at my Birkenstocks and imagining my feet getting bigger. Imagining right there in that room surrounded by normal people that my toes were popping through the ends. Everyone would be looking at me. Everyone would hear the sound of the leather groaning and finally shredding.

And there was nothing sexual about this for me, at least on that day. I just wanted to be bigger. I wanted to see everyone else around me as small and insignificant. I wonder if the boys of the group ever want to just be small, for small's sake? I love that this fantasy can permeate every facet of our being. I hope that feeling continues to . . . grow.


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