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The hottest thing from my Patreon . . .

This isn't a plug. Well, it's not JUST a plug. I'm so excited for you all to read what I've been working on for the past few months but I wanted to talk (at a length longer than Twitter) about my favorite ongoing story called Sarah's Lab. People often ask me which of my stories is 'my' fantasy. It's true that I write a lot of commissions and sometimes my own kinks get lost in the shuffle. But Sarah's Lab is 100% Amber Collins.

It's a simple enough premise: Girl creates shrinking serum. But it's so much more than that. Sarah is just like me. She created the serum because she has a size kink. And once she meets others who share that size kink, it's nonstop fun. She works in a lab full of hot ladies and handsome gents, and they seek to discover the connection between arousal and being shrunken down. Needless to say, this allowed for so many creative and fun encounters. Think shrunken orgies, backseat dwindling blowjobs, riding around inside shoes . . . There's so much naughty stuff. I went hard on this one because if we could make this fantasy come true, Sarah's Lab is where I'd want to be. I hope you'll check it out on April 1st when my Patreon officially launches.


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