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These stories are also available separately on Amazon.


The Corporate Saga

From Amber Collins, Mistress of Size, comes the whole Corporate Saga--six stories of upper-class businesswomen shrinking and growing their way to the top! Included in this collection is:

A Corporate Tryst
A Corporate War
A Corporate Retreat
A Corporate Duel
A Corporate Truce
A Corporate Merger


Tales from the Corporation

Tales from the Corporation follows the state of the world thirty years after the Giantesses rule. Now, tiny men are commonplace, and beautiful women rule society. But this new world isn't always pleasant--corporate rivalries are around every corner, and men are reduced to six-inch sex slaves. Only the strongest women can survive under the Corporation . . .

Stories include:

Tug of War
A Tiny Abduction
Small Day at the Office
The New Hires
The Old Girls’ Club
A Perfect Getaway

Audiobook also available, as read by Lexi Davenport.

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