Let me tell YOUR story!

Current Promotion: Flat rate $200 for 5,000 words if I retain the rights (i.e. selling through Amazon/Audible)

I want to thank you all for another wonderful year of commissions. I wrote almost 1,600,000 words in 2022! I love doing this work and I appreciate you all for supporting it.

Flat Rate of $200 per 5000 words if I get to keep rights to publish. If not, add 10%. You must be 18+ to commission me.

The majority of my stories you see on Amazon are either 5,000 or 10,000 word commissions. If you're using Microsoft Word to read, a 5,000 word story will be between 18 to 23 pages, depending on teh amount of dialogue and description. This is a document using Times New Roman font at 12 pt.

What I WILL write:

You may be familiar with my stories from Amazon. I cover most areas of the giantess fantasy. I am into gentle, violent, feet, insertion, and most of the other common stories and scenarios. Just because I haven't written a story about it doesn't mean I won't. Check out the next section for that.

What I will NOT write:

I won't do any scat. Definitely no underage characters. I can do furry but I'm not very familiar with it so I'm not sure the story would turn out how you'd like. I usually don't like to do trademarked characters from somewhere else usually because I'm just unaware of them. I've never seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica so if you ask for that, you may be disappointed with what I come up with. I hate writers who write a genre they do not love and I don't want to be that at all! However, if you have any questions, just ask me. I may be able to make it work. I'm not gonna take your money unless I'm sure I can give you something worthy of it. However, if you do want me to write something I'm not familiar with, I surely will. I recently completed a story centered around Norse mythology and I did fifteen hours of research just to sound like I knew the subject matter!

Fine Print:

I will write you a 1000 words (possibly shorter for small works) sample before I send you an invoice. This way you can see how the story will feel. After that I will invoice you the full amount and continue. I will make every stride possible to make the story what you want it to be. I've often done several revisions to make the story better. But what I do not do is offer refunds once I've started. I stay busy and cannot get back the time I put into your story. This is my system. If you cannot pay when you receive your sample, then do not commission me. I do not continue past that point until I've been paid, so to move things along, please settle the invoice so I can get started. I have been burned too many times and if these rules are not to your liking, there are several others in the community who commission.

Samples of my work:

I write across the giantess and shrunken man genre, and have many samples available on Amazon. Just look at the beginning sample and you'll see if it is commission or not. As of December, 2019, I've worked exclusively on commission. I have written over 650 commissioned stories, with almost half of those available on Amazon.

Email me at giantessamber@outlook.com for questions. I invoice through PayPal only.

How to make the commission process easier and faster:

It helps to have an idea what you want. We will go back and forth through many emails to make sure your story is perfect, but it is always a good idea for you to know what you want. There's a lot that can go wrong (and right) between your description, my understanding, and what I end up putting on the page. I want to get as close to your vision as possible.


Tell me what you like and do not like. Since this fantasy goes hand-in-hand with feet, I often put that in the stories. That's not everyone's preference. If there's something that is a turn-off to you, please let me know. And if it's a turn-on, please let me know that, too!

Also, don't worry about word count limits. If you commission me for a 5,000 word story and I don't feel I'm going to be able to tell it properly in that amount, I will continue on at no extra charge. I will never dead-end a story for the sake of word count. I almost always exceed the word count, sometimes going up as much as 2,000 words more.

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