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These stories are also available individually from Amazon.


The Lesbian Collection:

Six Stories of Girl-on-Girl Shrinking and Growing

From Amber Collins, mistress of macrophilia and microphilia comes six tales that celebrates women. These stories focus only on shrinking and growing scenarios that cater to girl-on-girl action. This collection was released while the author was shaky-legged and red-faced.

Stories included:

Sorority Sisters
The Fairy in the Woods
Gym Formula
Olympic Formula
Small Package
The Dollhouse Maker


The Lesbian Collection: Volume 2

From Amber Collins, author of more than 160 size stories comes the latest in the Lesbian Collection. Stories included:

Ashley’s Toy Emporium
Jenni and Amber’s New Bed
The Kahea Fruit
The Tourist
Downsizing New Yorkers
The Goliath Virus


The Lesbian Collection: Volume 3

From Amber Collins, Mistress of Size, comes the latest volume in the Lesbian Collection. Stories include:

Sarah’s Naughty Serum
A Shrinking Bachelorette Party
Intoxicating Effects of Shrinking
The Spring
The Shrinking Maid
Little Women on Campus

Audiobook also available, as read by Brielle Harper.


The Lesbian Collection: Volume 4

From Amber Collins, author of over 300 size-related erotic stories comes the latest in the Lesbian Collection!

Stories include:

Super Serum
Shrinking Behind Schedule
Shrinking Ahead of Schedule
Shrinking on Schedule
Shrink on Demand
The Big Oops!


The Lesbian Collection: Volume 5

Amber Collins is back with the latest collection of girl-on-girl stories!

Included in this collection are:

The Giantess Slave
Amber’s Endless Growth
Growth and the City
Side Effects
Honey, I Enlarged My Girlfriend!
The Slumber Party

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