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Welcome to my site! I hope you're a fan of Macrophilia and Microphilia. If you don't know what that is, stick around! This site is for 18+ year olds. 
Let me tell YOUR growing or shrinking fantasy! 

Current promotion: Flat rate $200 per 5000 words if you allow me to keep copyright (i.e. to publish later on Amazon). Please be aware that slots are filling up quickly!


The Giant Couple Collection.jpg
The Giant Couple Collection
Volume 3

What's better than a giantess? A giantess with her giant! Or . . . her giantess! If you like couples who are big (or get big), then this is the collection for you!

Stories include:
The Farm
Size DOES Matter
Size STILL Matters
Power Couple Apotheosis
Growth and the City
The Miscalculation
Our Massive Day at the Carnival
Our Massive Day in Paris
A New Home
The Growing Coeds