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Giantess Amber's Favorite Stories
Volume 1

For years, people have wanted to know my favorite story. I can't decide on one! I'm into all aspects of this fantasy--the growth, the shrinking, the process. So I sat down and took a trip through the years, reconnecting with the stories that helped nurture this fantasy. The stories in this volume may surprise you. I hope that some of my favorites are also YOUR favorites! So check out 25 of my hand-selected tales in this massive volume of over 200,000 words.

Stories include:

Let’s Park
The Cake Baker
The Teacher Conference
Friends With Benefits (and a Shrink Ray)
The Princess
Giantess Spa
Small Package
Miss Amber’s Escort Service
The Giants in the Lab
Scott’s Small Problem
Giant-Sized Revenge
The Lake Retreat
The Ascension of Grace Frazier
Jenny’s Shrink Ray
Little Women on Campus
Super Serum
The Book Club
Shrinking Behind Schedule
The Office Prank
Jasmine’s Big D Formula
Under Stacy’s Feet
The General’s Daughter
Date Night
Kate’s Birthday Present

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Stephanie Haughton.