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These stories are also available separately on Amazon.

Giantess Amber's Favorite Stories
Volume 1

For years, people have wanted to know my favorite story. I can't decide on one! I'm into all aspects of this fantasy--the growth, the shrinking, the process. So I sat down and took a trip through the years, reconnecting with the stories that helped nurture this fantasy. The stories in this volume may surprise you. I hope that some of my favorites are also YOUR favorites! So check out 25 of my hand-selected tales in this massive volume of over 200,000 words.

Stories include:

Let’s Park
The Cake Baker
The Teacher Conference
Friends With Benefits (and a Shrink Ray)
The Princess
Giantess Spa
Small Package
Miss Amber’s Escort Service
The Giants in the Lab
Scott’s Small Problem
Giant-Sized Revenge
The Lake Retreat
The Ascension of Grace Frazier
Jenny’s Shrink Ray
Little Women on Campus
Super Serum
The Book Club
Shrinking Behind Schedule
The Office Prank
Jasmine’s Big D Formula
Under Stacy’s Feet
The General’s Daughter
Date Night
Kate’s Birthday Present

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Stephanie Haughton.

Giantess Amber's Favorite Stories
Volume 2

Amber Collins is back with another round of favorite stories! Volume 2 explores more fun stories of growing and shrinking! Some of these REALLY get the blood pumping . . .

Stories include:

The Businesswoman
Shrink The Abuser
The Size Resort
The Giantess Experience
Sorority Sisters
Melissa’s Bedroom
Honeymooning with a Shrink Ray
The Dollhouse Maker
The Photographer
The Tiny Weekend
Jenni and Amber’s New Bed
The Kahea Fruit
Ashley’s Toy Emporium
My Wife, The Witch
The Pills
Shrink Tech Evolution
The Birthday Body Hack
Josh and Abby Get Big
The Goliath Virus
Amber’s Naughty Plan
Hiding Josh
A Sudden Outbreak of Shrinking
The Dream Nurse
Small Guy in a Big Mall
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