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These are longer, self-contained works that are usually above 20,000 words.

The Ravishing Miniaturists.jpg

The Ravishing Miniaturists


London, 1890 . . .

A rash of missing men plagues the city. Scott Parker, a private investigator, has been on the case for weeks to no avail. When he meets the mysterious Emma Shaw, his world is turned upside down. He stumbles upon a secret society of women who shrink men and abduct them.

But the Ravishing Miniaturists aren't the only secret society in London.

The Queen's Handmaidens want this shrinking serum for themselves. When these two groups go head-to-head, London may burn.

Amber Collins arrives with her first full novel--a 120,000 word adventure with plenty of action and plenty of size changing!

Contains: (shrinking men, shrinking women, giantess, gender swapping)


The Island Tempest


1922 - Off the coast of Florida . . .

Emily's crew doesn't know her secret - that she's a woman. After a pair of gangsters hire them to run booze from South America to the States, they stumble upon the coast guard. Their only refuge is an uncharted island where they meet Rebecca, a mysterious Latino goddess who stands at sixty-feet tall. She's curious about them, and quickly hinders their escape.

But Emily's secret soon comes out when she stumbles upon the same elixir that made Rebecca grow . . .

Contains: (growing women, vore)


The Three Potions: A Novella


Deacon and Harris are on a quest - to retrieve a set of three potions for a mysterious woman in the woods. But when danger forces the blind squire Harris to drink the potions, he finds he is changing - drastically. He's become a female, a succubus, and giant-sized!

Now, with her new unrelenting sexual appetite, she must decide how to help her prince rule the kingdom. She finds plenty of help along the way to quench her sexual desires . . .

Contains: (transformation from male to female, growing woman, succubus)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.


Time Swappers - Part 1


Time Swappers tells the story of a group of scientists who travel back to the year 1992 on a test run. But when they arrive, they are horrified to see that they are all five-inches tall! When a woman--a giantess--grabs their time machine, there is a malfunction, and now they aren't just small, they have switched bodies!

Vanessa is inside of Walter. Walter is inside Felix. Felix is inside Vanessa . . . and who is in Billy's body? Perhaps it is the giant woman who touched the time machine. That would mean Billy is inside of HER!

Everything is now spiraling out of control, but things get worse for the crew when they are discovered by a towering, Russian beauty named Ursa . . .

Contains: (Shrinking men, women, body swapping from male to female and female to male)

Audiobook also available, as read by Maeve York.

Time Swappers - Part 2


Our time travelers have hit a new snag! Ursa, the Russian beauty who is more interested in keeping the shrunken people as her playthings, than helping them return to the future. After dealing with body swapping, miniaturization, and the drawbacks of 1992 technology, our heroes must figure out how this adventure will ever correct!

Contains: (tiny men, women, body swapping from male to female and female to male)

Audiobook also available, as read by Maeve York.


Time Swappers - Part 3


The Tinies have been split . . .

Now that Tabitha has abducted two of the shrunken time travelers, it's up to Ursa and Billy (inside the body of Clarice) to find them! But the beautiful Russian has an idea to keep the safe Tinies busy . . . she invites her Egyptian friend over for a little naughty fun!

But Tabitha has her own idea of fun, and she explores her tiny captives as if they were nothing more than dolls . . .

Contains: (Tiny men, women, body swapping male to female)

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