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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 11.

The Shrinking Stone
Abby passes the same antique shop each day before work. She notices that it's only open thirty minutes--half an hour before midnight. When she decides to check it out, she's confronted with the mysterious gypsy named Magda. Now, Abby finds herself shrinking out of her clothes . . .

Magda gives her a choice: Become my pet or use this shrinking stone to cause mischief.

Abby soon finds herself having all sorts of fun! Not only can she shrink herself, but she can also make it happen to others, even if she sees them on television . . . Where will Abby's fun end?

Contains: (Shrinking women, man)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Brielle Harper.

The Rise of Size Patrol
A Size Patrol Story
Crime is rampant across Central City. Grow Girl has her hands full, and now a new villainess is on the scene, capable of also shrinking things! Grow Girl realizes she's soon to be overcome with bad guys, so she decides it's time to start recruiting. First up, Mouse Man--capable of shrinking down and running amazingly fast. But the duo knows they need more help if they're to take on the coming threat . . .

Contains: (Shrinking men and women, growing woman)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Delia Cyrillo.

Back to School
The Follow-Up Story to Back to Basics
Chrissy and Mariah are interested in joining Kappa Nu Gamma, a unique sorority where the pledges must change for the weekend. Along with many other girls, the pledges start to grow . . . or shrink. Their body hair gets longer. Slowly, they're turning into hippies!

Contains: (Growing women, shrinking women, hair growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Sara Serolf.

A Creature Made New
A Shrink Bandits "What If . . ." Story
You know the characters, now see them in a different way!

In the first of the 'What If' series, we see the Shrink Bandits arriving on Earth, ready to pressgang people into their army of Legion Elves. Scott is caught up in the middle, and now he finds himself turning into a rare Battle Cleric with the powers to heal . . . and to shrink!

What will happen when the Shrink Bandits are faced against Earth's forces? Its police and its military?

Contains: (Shrinking women, men, change from male to female)
Size Patrol Assembled
A Size Patrol Story
In part three of our story, Dianne, AKA Grow Girl, has finally begun to assemble her team. Her intention is to police the city as vigilantes, but quickly learns of a new threat - Felixia!

With her stolen shrink tech, this new villainess will bring havoc to Central City. And now, she's kidnapped a researcher to help with growth tech. Once she unlocks the power to make herself bigger, Central City will be dust at her feet!

Contains: (Shrinking men, growing woman)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Cherry McIntosh.

Studying with Jo
I had been attracted to Jo since we were partnered up for our archeology class. But when she throws her feet in my lap and starts telling me the story of how Amazons would shrink their victims, I can't help but become aroused. And now, my clothes are loose, and her feet are looking awfully big. It's just a story, right?

Contains: (Shrinking man, shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Cherry McIntosh.

The Laser
Beth has worked on a grow ray for many months now. After tweaking the code, she realizes that not only can she make things bigger, she can also make them shrink! When her boyfriend comes to visit, he unknowingly stands in front of the ray during a test. Beth tries to push him out of the way, but both are zapped . . . and both are shrunken down to a foot tall!

Now, Beth's normally impish roommate Amber stops by, and when she discovers the shrunken couple, she is overjoyed . . . and a little aroused . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man, woman, Growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by J. Chapman.

Hiding Josh
Josh has always had a crush on his best friend Ashley. When he's invited to spend the weekend with her and her mother at their lake house, he thinks this might be his chance to score. But Josh drinks something he shouldn't, and now he's only a centimeter high! After Ashley finds him, she decides to have a little fun while he waits to grow back.

Contains: (Shrinking man, very small)

Audiobook also available, as read by Adara Astin.

Willing Captives
The Second Shrink Bandits "What If . . ." Story
Light on eroticism, heavy on adventure!

After destroying a small Rhode Island town, the Shrink Bandits have willfully gone into U.S. custody. Thinking they will destroy from within, the girls have no clue the plot against them. With the help of a tiny, shrunken man, they are freed, and now Sarah realizes her power is just getting started. She can turn humans into beastlings, shrink them, and make them docile. But the Shrink Bandits will not be given an easy escape . . .

Contains: (shrinking women, transformation into wolf beastling, lamia, and centaur)
Size Ray Research
The Follow-Up Story to Size Ray University
Katherine built a size machine. After letting her friends abuse it, she is captured by the U.S. military, but it isn't because she's in trouble. A scientist in the secret lab wants to use size manipulation to further her orgasm drug. Now, Katherine is given full reign of the lab, so she calls over a few friends. Tom, Brice, Angel, Haley, and Kristen all join her and Melanie for the biggest smallest orgy ever! Amber Collins returns to one of her old favorites in a story packed with plenty of size-changing sexy fun!

Contains: (Shrinking women, men, Growing women, dick growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Delia Cyrillo.

The Witches of Newcastle
A Witch War Story
Ben had lived a rough life. He was a nobody--no friends, no family, and barely a home. But when he is invited to a scholarship ceremony at a very exclusive university, he thinks he's won the lottery. But the town of Newcastle is governed by witches, and opposing sororities deal with newcomers in different ways. Luckily for Ben, the witches of Alpha Gamma Nu aren't evil - just naughty. And when he finds himself getting smaller and smaller, he knows he's in for an unexpected adventure . . .

Contains: (shrinking men)

Audiobook also available, as read by Dezaray Azura.

Museum Opposition
The Third Shrink Bandits "What If . . . " Story
Note: Very light on the eroticism, heavy on the adventure!

Our heroes are besieged in D.C.! Searching for a place to dig in, the Shrink Bandits enter the Museum of American History. Thinking they have the upper hand, they have no clue what is building next door. A new force has risen to challenge the elves and beastlings--an ancient queen and her champion will stop at nothing to destroy Arlen and her sister bandits . . .

Contains: (shrinking men, shrinking women, growing women)
The Old Pact
A Witch War Story
The Witches of Newcastle are divided into covens - good and bad. Both use shrinking magic to rule men, but their methods are wildly different. The Alpha Gamma Nu girls are sensual and gentle, turning their tiny playthings into sex toys. But the girls in Beta Kappa Phi like to play a little rough. They turn their shrunken men into sex slaves.

Now, both covens are ready to go to war over a particularly attractive shrunken man . . .

Contains: (Shrinking men)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Ruan Willow.

Size DOES Matter
Adam was a tiny man. Standing at a mere four feet and eleven inches, he never measured up in life. But when his new roommate, Nick, makes fun of his small stature, Adam runs to a complete stranger. Now, Amber wants to have a drink and listen to his problems. But what Adam doesn't realize is that she is planning on making him even smaller! Now, he'll have to watch as Amber has her own fun, and get even bigger . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man, growing man, growing woman, man riding giant dick)

Audiobook also available, as read by Agnes Bon Jena.

Shrinking Behind Schedule
Elena works a stressful job for a high-class fashion magazine. The hours are brutal, the workload is heavy. She needs a release from time to time, and alcohol just doesn't cut it . . .

But Elena has a secret . . .

A friend gave her a special little potion that makes her shrink! She loves the feeling of growing smaller, of feeling her clothes slip away, of seeing the world swell around her. The effects take hours, so she drinks the potion at work. By the time she's off the subway and in her apartment, she's less than two-feet tall . . . and still shrinking.

But today, the train has a hiccup, and she's delayed. Now, she's in a crowded place, steadily getting smaller while everyone else rises around her . . .

Contains: (Shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Mona Wilbur.

The Mishap
Min has been developing a shrinking serum but she has one problem - it works a little too well. Just one drop on any living creature and it will start to steadily dwindle away. But it will never stop shrinking. When she stumbles into her lab after a night of drinking, she decides to do a little work. As she trips, a drop hits her exposed skin. Now, she's feeling warm and tingly and can't understand why. Her tall shoes are hiding the truth . . . at least for a little while . . .

Contains: (Shrinking woman to microscopic size)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Martina.

Shrink on Demand
Late one night, Jenna finds an app from a company called BodyHack Inc. that promises to give its users an erotic, shrinking experience. Not believing it's legitimate, she presses buttons without thinking, entering in parameters for the shrink ray. Weeks later, a Shrink Agent is dispatched to play with her, and what ensues is a game of cat and mouse where Jenna is constantly shrinking at work--and constantly feeling aroused. Can she get home and escape the Agent's 'game' to capture her?

Contains: (Shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Sara Serolf.

Goddesses of Chaos
The Fourth Shrink Bandits "What If . . ." Story

A new threat has emerged . . .

Now that Arlen and her Shrink Bandits have taken over the Natural History Museum, she must deal with the dark ladies--a pair of women from the Shadowrealm who want nothing but chaos. But the dark ladies aren't the ones pulling the strings . . .

The Goddesses of Chaos have tracked Arlen across worlds, and now want to use her size-manipulation toxin for themselves. But the Battle Bishop Sarah isn't going to let that happen. She can give her girls a 'bump up' whenever she likes . . .

Contains: (Growing women, tiny man, centaur, wolf-girl, lamia)

Audiobook also available, as read by Amaya Thompson.

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