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These stories are also available individually from Amazon.


The Follow-Up Collection


This collection is all of the Amber Collins stories that have a sequel. Some of the 16 following stories are hard to find, but now they are all in one collection, including the newly released Olympic Formula: The Follow-Up to Gym Formula. Stories included are:


Included Stories:


1. Shrink Ray on Campus

2. Size Ray University

3. The Lab Accident

4. The Lab Accident 2: The Cabin

5. The Gaming Babe

6. Booth Babes

7. The Inmate

8. Shrink Prison

9. Get Off, Get Small

10. Get Off, Get Big

11. Under Stacy's Feet

12. Under Miranda's Feet

13. Shrinking in Hotel Rooms

14. Shrinking in Hotel Room s2: The Adult Film Expo

15. Gym Formula

16. Olympic Formula

Audiobook also available, as read by Angie Hall.

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