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These stories are also available individually from Amazon.


The Mean Girls Collection: Volume 1


Not for the squeamish! From Amber Collins, author of over 140 size-changing stories comes a new collection that's all about mean girls! Ten stories of bone-breaking, foot-slamming goodness!

Stories included:

The Work Retreat
Nerdy Girl Gets Even
Shrink the Abuser
Shrink Assassin
Teacher’s Pets
Giantess Hookup
Willing Test Subject
My Giantess Stepmom
Sister’s Games
Shrunken Rapist

The Mean Girls Collection: Volume 2


From Amber Collins, author of hundreds of size erotica stories, comes the latest in the Mean Girls Collection. These stories focus on little people meeting a violent end. Whether it's crushing, vore, or something else deadly, you're sure to find something you love here!

Stories include:

The Magical Toy Chest
Fetish Club
Tiny Criminal
Shrunken by Samantha
Not That Fun
Gabby’s Revenge
The Plasma Ball
Bad Girl Gemma
Shrink and Split

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