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The Shrink Ray Collection

For most, the shrinking fetish came to fruition by way Saturday morning cartoons and the films of our childhood. One of the hallmarks of shrinking is the shrink ray, a device that has been revised for many, many years. This collection is a tribute to those memories. Inside you will find fourteen short stories that involve the use of shrinking technology.

Stories included:

1. The Billionaire
2. The Wife's Boyfriend
3. Shrink Ray on Campus
4. Size Ray University: The Follow-Up to Shrink Ray on Campus
5. Lauren's Invention
6. Late Night Size Club
7. The Lady Collector
8. The Hotel
9. The Teacher Conference
10. Nerdy Girl Gets Even
11. Friends with Benefits (and a Shrink Ray)
12. Naughty Uses for a Shrink Ray
13. Shrinking in Hotel Rooms
14. The Gaming Babe


Audiobook also available, as read by Angie Hall.

The Shrink Ray Collection: Volume 2

From Amber Collins, mistress of size stories, comes a new collection of technology-based shrinking. Stories include:

Honeymooning with a Shrink Ray
Shrinking in Hotel Rooms 2
The Dollhouse Maker
Small Package
Shrinking at the End of the World
My Stepmom’s Size Gun
Madison and Jimmy get Shrunk
Shrinking the Competition
Size Thieves
The Tiny Weekend

Audiobook also available, as read by Ruan Willow.


The Shrink Ray Collection: Volume 1 and 2

This is a combined repackage of the two volumes listed above.


The Shrink Ray Collection: Volume 3

From Amber Collins, author of nearly 160 size-related tales comes a collection that's among her favorite. The Shrink Ray series takes the reader back to a time when they first identified with the fantasy of being shrunken down.

Stories included:

Ashley’s Toy Emporium
The Teleporter
Amber’s Tiny Town
Short One No More
*Willing Test Subject
Jack’s New Life
*Giantess Link
*Fetish Club
*Tiny Criminal
Jenny’s Shrink Ray


The Shrink Ray Collection: Volume 4

Amber Collins is back with an all new collection! In continuing with the popular Shrink Ray series, Collins has put together fan favorite stories that's sure to please the desire of getting zapped and getting small! Stories include:

The New Hires
A Perfect Getaway
Little Women on Campus
Shrunken Cheer Squad
Small Times at Blaylock U
A Shrinking Halloween Party
Unstable World
The Birthday Body Hack
Shrink Tech Evolution
The Bedroom Shrinker