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These stories are available individually and as part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 14.

Growth and the City

Ruby has always wanted to try out Doctor Byron's shrink ray. One night, as she and her girlfriend are working late, she propositions a woman name Grace who works in administration to let them into the lab. But Grace doesn't have a key . . . so they turn to the beautiful and mysterious custodian Marion who, through an oversight, has access.
But things don't go as planned . . .
When Ruby attempts enlarge something she's shrunken down, the machine malfunctions and fills the lab with radiation. Now, all four girls are growing . . . It's a race to get out of the lab, but what happens if the growth doesn't stop?

Contains: (Growing women up to mega sized)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Delia Cyrillo.

The Girls at the Bar 2: Fun at Home

Now that Josh has been shrunken to micro-size, Lauren down to three centimeters, and Angela down to nine centimeters, teh fun is just starting. But there's a hitch in Alyssa's plan . . . she didn't count on Jenny showing up . . .<br><br>Now Alyssa is also shrinking, but there's a problem: All three of the tiny people are caught in the middle! Josh can only watch as the bigger ladies fight and struggle to remain in control of the shrinking serum . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women, micro-sized man, nudity but not a lot of sexual content)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Amanda Vargas.

Mass Shrinking: A Micro-Shrinking Story

Amanda Wolfe has perfected the art of shrinking. She installs special devices in a busy airport that can shrink people and transport them to her body in an instant. She finds this activity so arousing that she turns up the power, and now a whole city is whisked away, piece by piece, only to find itself on her massive flesh.

Contains: (Shrinking men, shrinking women, all micro-sized. Some vore)
Bonding Retreat:
A Fantasy Park Story

Deloris decided to take her mother Clara on an adventure after her husband died. They visit Tristan Falls, a fantasy park based on a popular series of transformation books. They're given potions and before long, the girls are getting taller and hairier. They're becoming wolves!

Contains: (growth up to 10 feet, changing from woman to wolf, hair growth, group masturbation)

Audiobook also available, as read by Natalie Rose.

A Violent Shrunken Men Story

Shauna always wanted a normal life. She'd been with one bad man after another but she always thought Daniel would be different. Turns out, Daniel is the worst one of all . . .

He brings her victims--shrunken men from her life who've done bad things to her so that she might play with them and put them to a grisly end. With each one, she hopes Daniel will accept her, and that they can have a normal life.

But Daniel is part of the problem, and somehow he'll need to be dealt with just like the shrunken men . . . .

Contains: (shrunken men, shrunken woman, extreme bloody and gory violence)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Jessica Cooley.

The Girls at the Bar 3
The Littlest Pets

Josh and Lauren have been shrunken down to just a few inches tall. But before Jenny and Angela will restore them to regular size, they must be shrunken down even further. Josh and Lauren and dwindling faster, swapping sizes, getting closer and closer to microscopic size.

But Angela has a friend . . .

She invites Mike over for a visit, and after dosing him with his own shrink serum, she decides to put Josh and Lauren in a naughty place between herself and Mike . . .
Contains: (shrinking man, shrinking woman, down to micro, man and woman on giant dick)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Chy Moon.

A Gift of the Solstice

Moira was lost without her lover, Eileen. After the girl breaks up with her near the winter solstice, Moira is heartbroken. Now, almost a year later, she's still not over her. She lives in a remote part of the kingdom, in a winter wonderland removed from most people. As she's gathering holly sprigs to decorate for the solstice, she stumbles upon a tiny man in the snow, one of the Wildlings who lives in the trees.

Reluctantly, Moira takes him home and nurses him back to health. He tells her his name is Tal and that he wants to go back to his people when he's recovered. But he and Moira fall for each other, and once he's well enough to return to his people, Moira doesn't want him to go. Will he break her heart like Eileen, or will he be A Gift of the Solstice?

Contains: (Tiny man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Ruan Willow.

Lockdown - A Goliath Virus Story
While the Goliath Virus ravages the world, a group of girls are quarantined in the picturesque town of Riverview Falls. All of the women are growing - and they aren't happy about it. Claire knows she needs to keep her friends calm and entertained, for the National Guard has placed them all on Lockdown, and their only hope of escape is the virus running its course.

The Goliath Virus stories focus on a major event that makes women grow, but each tale is a self-contained story.

Contains: (Growing women up to 12 feet)

Audiobook also available, as read by Sara Serolf.

Side Effects
Elizabeth's company made the best weight management drugs on the market. During a visit to her lab, she learns of an odd side effect with her newest products--they can cause growing and shrinking! After an accident, the lab is locked down and the drugs are accidentally rushed through the ventilation system. Now, this all-girl lab is starting to change. Some are getting bigger and others are shrinking. Will it wear off, or will the girls be stuck this way?

Contains: (Growing women to 12 feet tall, shrinking women to 3 feet tall)

Audiobook also available, as read by Autumn Ivy.

Small Guy in a Big Mall
All Scott needed was a phone charger . . .

When he braves Black Friday shopping at his local mall, he knows it's going to be difficult to get in and get out. But while in line, he meets a strange woman who seems oddly flirtatious. As he makes his way across the mall, he starts to feel odd. His clothes aren't fitting correctly. He's sweating. Everyone is looking bigger. And he constantly sees the strange woman in the crowd, as if she's following him.

But Scott will soon learn that it's all a game. And the prize at the end is playing with a giantess. Will he make it to her before he shrinks away to nothing?

Contains: (Shrinking man to six inches)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Delia Cyrillo.

Isolated Growth
A Goliath Virus Story
Women across the world are growing, but Candace Evans doesn't know that . .

After vacationing alone in her parents' cabin, a horrible storm isolates her from society. While the world is gripped by the Goliath Virus, Candace waits for the power to come back on. But her clothes are getting tight. Her skin is itchy. The tub is a little smaller. Now, she's growing, separated from her family. Without the news to tell her, she doesn't know how large she'll get . . . or if it will even stop . . .Contains: (Giant women up to 12 feet tall)

Audiobook also available, as read by Marie Richards.

The Atlantean Dilemma
The Follow-Up Story to 'The Atlantean Secret'
Ships appear on the horizon . . .
After Clive shipwrecks on a mysterious island filled with giant women, he learns their history reaches far into the past. Tiny men have always played a vital role in their society, one that the current giantesses have forgotten. Now, there is trouble coming . . .
Another island, originally part of Atlantis, is now heading toward them. A harem of beautiful Atlanteans come with a warning: We must bring back the old magic to prevent both our worlds from being destroyed. Luckily for Clive, this magic is generated by the Craving, an orgy between giantesses and tiny people.
He's willing to do his part to save their worlds, he just hopes he can survive the lovemaking . . .
Contains: (Giant women around 70 feet tall)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by XO Lacy.


Megan always wanted to be big . . .

For as long as she could remember, she fantasized about growing, towering over every person and every building. Now, sitting in a doctor's office, an anxious knot in her gut, she begins to feel funny. Her clothes and shoes are tight. The room is starting to look slightly smaller. The man across from her is noticing it, as well. How long can she keep her change a secret?

Not long at all . . .

Contains: (Growing woman to 50 feet tall)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Sara Serolf.

Amber's Naughty Plan

Amber Collins like you've never seen her . . .

Josh had always wanted to talk to Amber at Size-Con, the community gathering of all things size-related. He nervously approaches her booth, strikes up a conversation, and the next thing he knows, she's inviting him up to her room for a little naughty, shrunken fun. It can't be real, right?<br><br>It's quite real, but Amber isn't being totally honest . . .

Now that Josh is shrinking, she waits for him to dwindle to half his size before revealing her big secret: Her husband is there! Josh panics but there's no way he can escape. Before long he's the unwilling participant between a giantess and her half-sized husband. Josh is about to get really, really small . . .

Contains: (shrunken men, half-size and micro-sized)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Chy Moon.

Living Large:
A Goliath Virus Story

As the Goliath Virus slowly affects women across the globe, mother-daughter Clara and Deloris are enjoying Autumn-Con. At this pop-culture event, they meet legendary actress Amy Winfield who takes a liking to them. Just as the virus lockdowns begin, Amy suggests they all hole up in her lavish Hollywood Hills home. While most of the world is struggling with how to deal with growing women, Amy Winfield and her group are living large--enjoying the best food, drink, and entertainment. Getting large has never been so fun . . .

Contains: (Growing women up to twelve feet)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Moriah Rosales.

HR Relations
Sizeplay at Work

Emily Hargrave is the new human resources representative at GigaTech Inc. One of her duties is to hand down punishments for workplace violations. She knows she shouldn't be so happy about shrinking men and women, but she just can't help herself . . .

Laura O'Neal is in line for a prestigious role at the company, and she's taken an interest in Emily's enjoyment of shrinking. She calls her into the office one day to settle a workplace issue and discovers a fondness for the young upstart. What begins as a simple friendship blossoms into a secret love affair . . . punctuated by shrinking people down for their enjoyment . . .

Contains: (Shrunken men and women, half-size, six inches, three inches)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Betsy Davis.

Growin' Amish:
A Goliath Virus Story

The virus has traveled far and wide. It's been international. It's been inside isolated cabins and posh mansions. And now, it's hit an unlikely group of women - the Amish! Follow mother and daughter Helena and Emily as they come to terms with a growth virus. See how the male-dominated community reels from this shift in power. They are cut off from the world, with no one to tell them when . . . or if, this virus will go away . . .

Contains: (Growing women up to 12 feet tall)
The Plasma Ball


Clara and Emma have a secret . . .
Long ago, they came into possession of a device called the plasma ball. This little toy allows them to shrink people down at will, but it can do so much more than that. Once they've played their naughty, deadly games, they can return the tinies back to normal health! Clara and Emma enjoy using their sharp nails to slice the tinies to ribbons!
This story is perfect for those who like ultra violence against their shrunken men!

Contains: (shrinking men from six inches down to one inch, lots of stabbing, slicing and crushing)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by XO Lacy.

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