These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 15.

Honey, I Enlarged My Girlfriend!

Angela’s Expander finally works . . .

After testing it on a cat, her girlfriend, Savannah, realizes it will do just fine on humans. When the couple experiment with size at home, Savannah decides she’d like to find a bigger space to really test the grow gun. She surprises Angela by renting a gymnasium . . .

Contains: (growing woman)
The Beginning
A Goliath Virus Story

Before the virus, there was a lab full of girls who just wanted to make super soldiers . . .

Belinda is good at her job, but her boss doesn’t like that her formula only works on women. After she’s given a deadline, Belinda decides to inject herself—and her friends—with the experimental serum. They’re all growing, but it isn’t fast enough. So, she replicates it into a virus and now the whole island of ladies has the sniffles . . .

Contains: (Growing women)
Bad Girl Gemma


Gemma should’ve never had access to a shrink ray . . .

Being such a bad girl was easy when work supplied tiny humans. Gemma takes them home and plays with them, skewering them with her nails and crushing them in her mouth. When she finds a new friend who has a penchant for the same kind violence, her fun gets even better . . .

Contains: (shrinking men, shrinking women, violence, crush, vore)
The Forager
Ever since Lara moved into a new house, she’s noticed something crawling along the floor. When she sets up a hidden camera, she finds a Forager, a tiny man living on scraps. One night, she’s woken by the little man on her pillow, warning her that the house is on fire. She flees, taking the little man with her. They develop a bond, and before long the Forager is no longer afraid of Lara. And now she finds that a tiny lover is quite fun . .
Contains: (tiny man)
The Slumber Party
Kendell always had a thing for feet . . .

She’s been dying to try out her shrinking potion and the perfect opportunity has finally presented itself. Her sister and the college girls’ basketball team are having a slumber party! When Kendell sees they’ve all fallen asleep, feet hanging out from the blankets, she knows she wants to drink up and go play!

But an unexpected surprise adds a little fun . . .

Contains: (shrunken women, lots of foot play)