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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 15.

Honey, I Enlarged My Girlfriend!

Angela’s Expander finally works . . .

After testing it on a cat, her girlfriend, Savannah, realizes it will do just fine on humans. When the couple experiment with size at home, Savannah decides she’d like to find a bigger space to really test the grow gun. She surprises Angela by renting a gymnasium . . .

Contains: (growing woman)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Melody Stone.

The Beginning
A Goliath Virus Story

Before the virus, there was a lab full of girls who just wanted to make super soldiers . . .

Belinda is good at her job, but her boss doesn’t like that her formula only works on women. After she’s given a deadline, Belinda decides to inject herself—and her friends—with the experimental serum. They’re all growing, but it isn’t fast enough. So, she replicates it into a virus and now the whole island of ladies has the sniffles . . .

Contains: (Growing women)
Bad Girl Gemma


Gemma should’ve never had access to a shrink ray . . .

Being such a bad girl was easy when work supplied tiny humans. Gemma takes them home and plays with them, skewering them with her nails and crushing them in her mouth. When she finds a new friend who has a penchant for the same kind violence, her fun gets even better . . .

Contains: (shrinking men, shrinking women, violence, crush, vore)
The Forager
Ever since Lara moved into a new house, she’s noticed something crawling along the floor. When she sets up a hidden camera, she finds a Forager, a tiny man living on scraps. One night, she’s woken by the little man on her pillow, warning her that the house is on fire. She flees, taking the little man with her. They develop a bond, and before long the Forager is no longer afraid of Lara. And now she finds that a tiny lover is quite fun . .
Contains: (tiny man)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by XO Laci.

The Slumber Party
Kendell always had a thing for feet . . .

She’s been dying to try out her shrinking potion and the perfect opportunity has finally presented itself. Her sister and the college girls’ basketball team are having a slumber party! When Kendell sees they’ve all fallen asleep, feet hanging out from the blankets, she knows she wants to drink up and go play!

But an unexpected surprise adds a little fun . . .

Contains: (shrunken women, lots of foot play)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by Delia Cyrillo.

The Endless Shrinking Potion
I didn’t believe it . . . an actual shrinking potion for $300? And the best part—it’s endless! It keeps refilling after each use. The shopkeeper tried it out and she began to dwindle right in front of me.

Now that I’ve tried it myself, the shrinking isn’t happening! Did I get swindled? Oh no! My girlfriend’s roommate is home! And now I AM shrinking! What? She wants to try it too? This could get interesting . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man, shrinking woman)

This title also available as an audiobook as read by A.M.E.

The Book Club 2
The Journalist
When Paul Delvay goes missing in the quaint town of Laurel Grove, Jack is hired to investigate. He finds the McTeague manor and is invited in for tea and talk.

But it doesn’t take long before Jack starts asking the wrong questions. Now, he’s dwindling out of his clothes and the book club ladies are getting bigger and bigger. As they carry him up to the bedroom for a little fun, he starts to understand what happened to Paul . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man, magic/potion)
The Speck
Matt had no clue that a creep was stalking his girlfriend, Abby. After getting shrunken down and abducted by the creep, Matt realizes his new life has just begun. But the creep has plans for Abby . . . he uses Matt to learn all about her, gets close, and eventually starts to date her. The tiny, speck of a man can only watch . . . and perhaps become part of the fun.

Contains: (guy/guy interaction, micro, shrunken man)
Mandy's Growth Addiction
Mandy has a secret . . .

For weeks, she’s been working on a prototype enlarging ray. Her entire lab thinks they are weeks from getting it working, but she’s been sabotaging progress at every turn. At night, she fixes the machine and plugs in her working code. It feels so good to grow . . .

But on a night when everyone should be gone, she discovers there are two people still in the lab. She’s already zapped herself, and with ten minutes remaining until she starts to grow, she knows she’ll need to come clean.

Contains: (Growing woman up to fifty feet)
The Last Strain
A Goliath Virus Story
The Goliath Virus came out of nowhere, affecting the world’s women. Now, ten years later, another strain has arrived. Women who were too young to remember the first wave are finding themselves inching taller and taller . . .

But those affected in the first wave have decided to broadcast a television special to encourage and allay fears of the newcomers to growth. Several ladies volunteer to have their lives captured for the next few weeks while the Last Strain works through their bodies . . .

If you’ve been following the Goliath Virus stories, you’ll be happy to see a lot of familiar faces return!

Contains: (Growing women up to twelve feet)
The Miscalculation

Traci and Evan have been working on a BIG project . . .

They think they’ve created a portal to another dimension. But it doesn’t lead to another world, it just sends someone to another location on Earth. And, depending on how far away, the test subject gets a lot bigger! After Traci teleports a hundred yards away, she becomes twenty-five feet tall. So if she and Evan decide to teleport two miles away . . .

This story is perfect for fans of destruction and mega-sized sex in the city!

Contains: (giantess at 25 feet, giant woman and man at 300 feet)
Shrink on Demand 2:
Fun by the Pool

Same app, different girls!

Kaylie always wanted to try the BodyHack app but never had the courage to use it on herself. But after a day of drinking by the pool, she works up the courage to try it on her best friend Cindy!

But she fails to read the fine print—BodyHack Inc. will do the same thing to YOU if the app is abused. Now, both girls are shrinking and they can’t seem to shake the arousal . . .

Contains: (shrinking women)
The Chronicles of Mandy
The First Test

Before the addiction, Mandy had to test the growth emitter.

Fans of growth will love this story as Amber Collins chronicles the beginning of Mandy’s growing adventure. Come along to see her test fire—it didn’t go at all how she planned!

When she starts to grow, she feels immense pleasure. Will she make it back to her lab before she’s too big to fit through the door?

Contains: (growing woman up to 30 feet)
The Book Club 3
The Gold Digger

Hailey always knew Paul had money . . . When he goes missing inside the town of Laurel Grove, she pursues. She meets the locals and is amazed that everyone is so friendly and attractive. But what she doesn’t know is that they are witches, and that they’ve had a shrunken Paul for months. As Hailey enters their coven, she finds the same fate as everyone else who passes through Laurel Grove . . .

Contains: (shrinking woman, shrunken man)
The Aphrodite Resort

Gordon loves his new job at the Aphrodite Resort. Having come from the adult film industry, he’s a natural at pleasing women.

Only his contract requires him to be six-inches tall . . .

Early into his job, he’s noticed by the assistant director, Heidi. Although it’s forbidden, Heidi is quite fond of Gordon. And then one night, the two agree to hookup as long as they keep it secret . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man to six inches)
Mel's New Shrink Ray

Josh had always crushed on his old boss, Mel. When they are alone at a company retreat, she confesses she likes his shrunken man fantasy and that she has her own shrink ray to make it possible. Josh lets her shrink him and they’re off to a fun evening . . .

Until Mel receives a booty call from HER crush. Now there’s a new guy in the room but Mel doesn’t want the fun with Josh to end. She shrinks him down to micro size and now he’s part of the action!

Contains: (Shrinking men, between six inches tall and micro-sized.)
Shrunken World Order

John always fantasized about being under someone’s feet. Now, he’s been given the opportunity!

Microsity Inc. isn’t exactly a legitimate company . . . for years they’ve sought to solve the world’s problems. Head researchers Molly and Dave have a solution but it’s extreme: Shrink the world!

Now, little John has signed away his life to live in City 2A, the first of many miniature cities that will enslave most of humanity.

Contains: (shrinking man down to five inches, play with a giantess and giant man)
The Chronicles of Mandy
Rise of Addiction

The tests may be getting out of hand . . .

After agreeing to a movie date with a fellow lab tech, Mandy thinks this is just what she needs. But as the lights darken and the movie plays, she starts to feel strange. She’s hot, aroused, and her clothes aren’t fitting the way they should.

Mandy doesn’t know that her impulses are driving her wild, and the more turned on she becomes, the bigger she’ll get . . .

Contains: (growing woman up to seventy feet tall)
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