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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 16.

Our Massive Day at the Carnival

Carolyn and Danielle haven’t been dating long. When they decide to go to the local carnival, Danielle has reservations—she doesn’t like that sort of fun.

But after a fortuneteller promises their love will reach new heights, something strange begins to happen.

The girls are uncomfortable in their clothes. Their feet inch longer, thighs get thicker, breasts heave out of button-up shirts. Before long, the girls are growing bigger—and now the carnival has become a LOT more fun for them both!

Contains: (Growing women up to 300 feet tall)
His Biggest Fan

Lara was Jake Mitchell's biggest fan. When the movie star shows up at her house shrunken down to three inches tall, she thinks she's hit pay dirt. But this comes with a cost - If Jake doesn't have an orgasm every forty-eight hours, he will grow back to normal. Lara is obsessed and will do whatever it takes to keep him inside her apartment. If he won't get himself off, she'll just do it for him . . .

Contains: (Shrunken man at 3 inches tall)
The A-Lister

Winston has worked at the Aphrodite Resort for months. He’s learned all the tricks to satisfying his giant clientele.

When an A-List movie star shows up with a chip on her shoulder, Winston knows just what to do to make her happy. She learns that the little people of the Aphrodite Resort can do all sorts of things, can bring levels of pleasures she’s never known before . . .

Contains: (Shrunken Man)
The Chronicles of Mandy:
Growing Jimmy

Mandy loved making herself grow. But one night, alone in the lab with Jimmy, she decided to try something new. He’d seen the growth emitter in action, but he never thought he’d get a chance to try it on himself. Now, he’s getting bigger and a little more aggressive. But Mandy is having a great time. Soon, she’ll be the same size as his favorite body part . . .

Contains: (Growing man)
The Up-and-Comer:
An Aphrodite Resort Story

Rob had tended many guests at the Aphrodite Resort, but the new lady was in a category all to herself . . .

She wasn’t a celebrity, at least not one he’d ever seen.

Her name is Mia Douglas and she’s come for a little rest and relaxation . . . and perhaps to experience the gifts a six-inch man can provide . . .

Contains: (Shrunken man from 18 inches to 6 inches).
Shrink and Split

Warning: Extreme violence toward shrunken men!

Fran had always been into the giantess fetish. He never thought he’d get to experience being shrunken down. But then he met Cindy, who offers him a chance . . . with a twist . . .

He'll spend twenty-four hours with her locked in a cabin. He’ll shrink down, but he’ll also multiply each time he's made smaller. Now there are hundreds of tiny Frans running around, and Cindy isn’t exactly gentle . . .

Contains: (Shrunken men from six inches to two millimeters).
Just a few Inches.jpg
Just a Few Inches

Jayne had always been the tall one in the relationship. Although she wants to be shorter, her girlfriend Samantha doesn’t mind. But when Jayne’s friend gives her a working shrinking potion, she knows she has to try it.

The first time is scary, but both she and Samantha love a little role reversal. Jayne vows to keep drinking the special serum whenever she wants to be smaller than her girlfriend . . .

But what she doesn’t realize is that with each dose, she permanently loses two inches . . .

Will she keep drinking up?

Contains: (Shrinking Woman between 2-4 feet tall)
Her Holy War.jpg
Her Holy War

One day in the city of Beckett, Elizabeth began to grow . . .

She wasn’t sure if it was a gift from the Father or if she was destined to become a god herself, but as she rose higher and higher, the city began to tremble. She was certain that one day they would worship her. And if they wouldn’t . . . they would be sacrificed in her name.

Contains: (Growing woman to 100 feet tall, light crush and vore)
The Speck Part 2.jpg
The Speck: Part 2

Matt’s life has been rough. After being shrunken down by a gym creep, he’s forced to live on a microscope slide. Worse, he has to watch his former girlfriend fall in love with the guy who shrunk him.

Now, he has one last chance to get Abby’s attention. Will she listen to him? Will she break up with the guy who made her boyfriend disappear?

Contains: (Shrunken male and giant male interactions, tiny man at micro-size)
Just a Few More Inches(1).jpg
Just a Few MORE Inches

After agreeing to take no more shrinking serum, Jayne settles into her new size. But she just can’t help herself. It feels so nice to shrink . . . what does it matter if she’s permanently losing two inches with each dose?

But now that Sam has watched her girlfriend’s fun, she starts to wonder what it would feel like to shrink . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women)
Nimea's Sacrifices.jpg
Nimea's Sacrifices

**Warning: extreme shrunken man violence**

Generations ago, the goddess Nimea blessed the world with Adams—tiny men whose only purpose was to be sacrificed to their larger counterparts.

Clarice, now considered a woman in her society, is receiving a special party for her accomplishments. The main attraction? Thousands of tiny men to do with as she pleases . . .

Contains: (Tiny men ½ inch to 4 inches)
The Growing Shack.jpg
The Growing Shack

The Growing Shack is the best weed shop in town!

Especially now that the girls are selling a growing blend . . .

Everyone who stops by to smoke starts to slowly inch bigger. For the general manager, Chloe, this store might be off the chopping block.

She does love to grow . . .

Contains: (growing woman up to 12 feet, slight hair growth)
Even MORE Inches.jpg
Even MORE Inches

After Jessica discovers her sister Jayne has shrunk several inches, she decides she wants in on the action.

As the sisters and Megan go shopping at the mall, each take a dose in secret. Now, everyone is getting smaller, everyone gets separated, and everyone starts to panic. How will they ever get out of the mall?
Our Massive Day in Paris.jpg
Our Massive Day in Paris

One year ago, Carolyn and Danielle grew to dizzying heights at a local carnival. Then, they disappeared . . .

Now, they’re taking on Paris and they’re getting bigger than ever! The carnival was nothing compared to the carnage they’ll bring to the City of Light!

Contains: (Growing women up to several thousand feet tall)
The Glitch(1).jpg
The Glitch
A Backseat Shrinking Story

Ever since Daisy and Micah’s lab discovered the Glitch, they’ve been afraid of experimenting with its power. The Glitch is simple: It’s a spot in an abandoned parking lot that arouses people—and makes them shrink.

With technology, they are able to control their shrinking while parked in the Glitch, and as they both start to shrink and have fun, something goes wrong.

Micah’s band has malfunctioned, and now he’s getting a lot smaller than Daisy. But can they still manage to have fun?

The Glitch is the first story in an open-ended series about people who shrink in the backseats of vehicles.

Contains: (shrinking man, shrinking woman)
Sampling Jonah.jpg
Sampling Jonah
Amy and Josie are having a little competition. Whoever sells more nylons wins a pay raise . . . but that’s not all. They also win Jonah, the six-inch office assistant.

Their general manager, Diandra, decides to let each girl have him for a night. Will the ladies try harder once they’ve sampled Jonah?

Contains: (Tiny man at 6 inches)
The Giantess of Lindow.jpg
The Giantess of Lindow

One day, on the island of Lindow, a giant woman collapsed on the beach. The mayor, James, saw this as an opportunity for his community. As the giantess rolls over and falls asleep, he orders his villagers to secure her to the ground. Now, he opens a giantess theme park . . . but will she stay asleep long enough to make money?

Contains: (Tiny men at 1 inch).
So Many Inches!.jpg
SO Many Inches

Jessica loves to shrink . . .

After borrowing some of the potion from Jayne, she decides to try some in the privacy of her apartment with her boyfriend, Dave. Now, she’s shrinking smaller and having the time of her life!

Until her roommate Dana walks in! Dana, a 6’8” goddess is jealous of the potion and wants to know what it’s like to be smaller. Jessica gives her a dose and now the fun is just getting started . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women from three feet tall to eighteen inches)
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