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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 19.

Alone in the Lab.jpg
Alone in the Lab
A Corporate Story

Ever since FemTech stole shrink ray technology, it’s been difficult for Deborah to find alone time with her boytoy Yoram.

They’re given a unique opportunity: The entire lab to themselves! With everyone gone, Deborah fires up the shrink ray and tests it on her favorite Guinea Pig . . . Yoram!

Contains: (Shrinking man from three feet tall to six inches tall).
Our Massive Day at the Festival.jpg
Our Massive Day at the Festival

Danielle and Carolyn are back!

When they wake from their last world-trotting adventure, the girls are back to normal. They’re alone, in a mobile hospital unit. But their fun isn’t over just yet.

Answering to a mysterious voice who calls herself the Benefactor, the girls are set loose at a crowded music festival. And as always, they start to grow . . .

Only now they’re not the only ones changing size. Anyone who comes in contact with them starts to slowly shrink . . .

Contains: (Growing women to 300 feet tall, shrinking men, shrinking women).
Shrink a Little More for Me.jpg
Shrink a Little More for Me

Scott has been feeling . . . small.

After a doctor confirms he’s been inflicted with a shrinking virus, he figures his days are numbered. He’s losing a few inches a day with no end in sight.

But his girlfriend, Madison has grand ideas for his descent.

She starts a blog to chronicle his size changing. When she notices that viewers like a little erotica, she starts treating Scott all the right ways!

Contains: (Shrinking man down to 6 inches, gentle).
Grow the Girls.jpg
Grow the Girls

Jason and Mary are upset the government is taking control of their experimental growth emitter.

As one last hoorah, they decide to test it out on the local sorority house . . .

Told from varying points of view, the story revolves around several girls and their reaction to suddenly getting bigger . . .

Contains: (lots of growth up to 100 feet tall).
The Adventures of Phildo.jpg
The Adventures of Phildo
A Corporate Story

Phil Carey has been Aurora Saint Claire’s boytoy for a long time now. They’ve moved past the shrink ray—now the nanites in his blood can shrink him at will. But Aurora wants to have a little fun.

She calls him into a meeting for a little playtime. But no one knows he’s there. Phildo has to shrink and sneak in if he wants to please his woman . . .

Contains: (shrunken man to five inches).
The Man Under the Floor.jpg
The Man Under the Floor

James wasn't sure if he was the last Nook or not. Ever since becoming an outcast from his own tiny people, he has lived a solitary life. Then, one day Brooke moved into the house where he'd been living.

She discovers him, thinks he's special, even comes to love him. But to Brooke, James will never been anything besides a pet--a toy. And once this toy is no longer fun, she'll discard it . . .

Contains: (Tiny man at six-iches-tall, no-so-nice ending, not-so-nice giantess).
The Four Sides of Little Stanley.jpg
The Four Sides of Little Stanley

When realtor Megan shows off her latest house, she finds something odd . . . a vial labeled "Shrinking Potion." She swipes it and takes it home, then shows it to her jerk husband, Stanley. He thinks she's crazy to believe such a thing exists, so she spikes his coffee with it . . .

Stanley shrinks to a mere six inches tall but there's a side-effect: Now there's four of him! Each has a different personality and Megan doesn't really like any of them . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man to six inches tall, not-so-happy ending, no-so-nice giant woman).
Escape Room(1).jpg
Escape Room

John was dubious when he read about the Escape Room that offered a one-million dollar prize for solving! But when he signs up, he realizes something is wrong. They put him in a gown and make him drink an awful-tasting formula. Now, he's shrinking smaller and smaller . . .

He soon becomes a sideshow attraction for carnival-goers. Along with a shrunken woman named Brandy, he learns he's at the torment of his giant captors. When will it end?

Contains: (Shrunken man and woman at six inches tall, not-so-happy ending, not-so-nice captors).
The Ex-Girlfriend(1).jpg
The Ex-Girlfriend
A Just a Few Inches Story

It had been years since Sam last saw her ex, Katie. After she and Jayne meet the girl for coffee, they make an interesting discovery—she can shrink and grow on command!

Jayne is jealous—the serum has always had side-effects. Can she possibly figure out Katie’s secret?

Maybe, but having shrunken alone time will make things more interesting . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women to 6 inches, but mostly the 2–4-foot range).

Masquerade of Size.jpg
Masquerade of Size

Eve has worked for Degenerate for years, an exclusive nightclub that specializes in removing men from the lives of people who hate them. It fronts as a brothel but there's so much more to it than that. The men who find themselves as victims are shrunken down and toyed with by Ladies of the Night. This works fine for Eve until she falls in love with one particular assignment. Now, she plans to smuggle him out and keep him forever . . .

Contains: (shrinking men down to one inch tall, not-so-nice giantess).
Shawn's 'Magic' Jar.jpg
Shawn's 'Magic' Jar

Ever since Shawn came up with the Dreamweaver, he’s been rather bored. He can augment reality any way he wants but he needs a new challenge.
Enter, the jar.
He has the grand idea to shrink cities and put them inside. Then, well, he wants to drown them. But not with water . . .
Contains: (miniature cities shrunken down for a giant man, guy/guy interactions, LOTS of goo).
Note: This is a sequel to Climbing Shawn.
The Great Destroyer, Paula.jpg
The Great Destroyer, Paula

She changed the world a year ago . . .

After discovering the secret to ultimate power, Paula destroyed civilization in hopes of building it back better. She’s left the destruction behind for a peaceful life. And now, she’s willing to talk to a journalist.

Mike has come to Paula’s elusive island. He plans to interview her but Paula’s interests don’t end at telling her story. She wants a tiny man to enjoy . . .

Contains: (Giant woman from 20 feet tall to ½ a mile tall).
The Shrink Director.jpg
The Shrink Director
A Corporate Story

Melissa Wycroft is FemTech’s new Shrink Director. Her job . . . match high-level executives with shrunken playthings to ward off job fatigue.
Taylor Jackson is the first exec to try the service. Her first toys: Adam and Emily!
Contains: (Shrinking man and woman at various sizes down to six inches tall).
Sandy's Grow Ray

Sandy built a grow ray and she knows it works, but she still wants to test it . . . for fun.
Brooke needs money, so she answers an ad in a paper, not knowing what she's getting herself into!
But Sandy loves to watch the girl grow. She might even invite her over later for a little private time . . .
Contains: (Growing woman from 30-75 feet tall, brief shrinking woman down to 3 inches).
The Bedroom Helper.jpg
The Bedroom Helper

Jared has always been unlucky with the ladies. It took a while to realize he just didn’t know how to please them.
But his longtime friend Lilly has the solution.
Her company has developed the Bedroom Helper, a shrinking potion that lets men get little and get right to the spots the ladies love the most!
Lilly allows a demonstration of her formula—and her body. Will Jared figure out how to please a lady at such a small size?

Contains: (shrunken man at 18 inches and 6 inches tall).
Trust Fund Gals.jpg
Trust Fund Gals
A Billionaire Girls Club Story

In order to be a part of the Billionaire Girls Club, applicants must have at least one billion dollars in the bank. Charlotte Winters, the unofficial leader of this brat pack is in search of a new thrill.
Her father’s company has created a serum with an interesting side effect—it shrinks someone to five inches tall.
With the entire trust fund squad assembled, she lures an unsuspecting guy to the clubhouse, shrinks him, then introduces him to the fun world of sizeplay . . .
Contains: (Shrunken man to five inches tall, mouthplay, gentle).
Small for Teacher.jpg
Small For Teacher

Josh was always late for class. When he enters one day and finds nothing but female students in attendance, he knows he’s missed an important memo.
But Miss Collins isn’t the friendliest teacher. She wants to show off her new matter compressor and Josh seems like the perfect candidate.
Now, he’s shrinking smaller, the girls are coming closer, and he’s become their new plaything!
Contains: (Shrinking man down to micro).
The Shrinking App.jpg
The Shrinking App

Alex had been scared to try the Shrinking App, the service that lets people meet up and shrink for fun! As a test run, his roommate James and his girlfriend Sarah offer to let him try it out, with them . . .
Contains: (shrinking men from four inches to one millimeter, shrinking woman, Small guy/Big guy interactions).
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