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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 19.

Alone in the Lab.jpg
Alone in the Lab
A Corporate Story

Ever since FemTech stole shrink ray technology, it’s been difficult for Deborah to find alone time with her boytoy Yoram.

They’re given a unique opportunity: The entire lab to themselves! With everyone gone, Deborah fires up the shrink ray and tests it on her favorite Guinea Pig . . . Yoram!

Contains: (Shrinking man from three feet tall to six inches tall).
Our Massive Day at the Festival.jpg
Our Massive Day at the Festival

Danielle and Carolyn are back!

When they wake from their last world-trotting adventure, the girls are back to normal. They’re alone, in a mobile hospital unit. But their fun isn’t over just yet.

Answering to a mysterious voice who calls herself the Benefactor, the girls are set loose at a crowded music festival. And as always, they start to grow . . .

Only now they’re not the only ones changing size. Anyone who comes in contact with them starts to slowly shrink . . .

Contains: (Growing women to 300 feet tall, shrinking men, shrinking women).
Shrink a Little More for Me.jpg
Shrink a Little More for Me

Scott has been feeling . . . small.

After a doctor confirms he’s been inflicted with a shrinking virus, he figures his days are numbered. He’s losing a few inches a day with no end in sight.

But his girlfriend, Madison has grand ideas for his descent.

She starts a blog to chronicle his size changing. When she notices that viewers like a little erotica, she starts treating Scott all the right ways!

Contains: (Shrinking man down to 6 inches, gentle).
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