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These stories are available in individually, or in Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 2. Also, they can be found in the 'mega collection'. Also, all titles in Volume 2 are available in audiobook format from Audible, Amazon, and ITunes. CHeck below for narrators.

Caleb has all the money he'd ever need. When a company starts to sell robotic helpers, he's one of the first to purchase one, a very life-like female model named Vanessa. He soon learns that Vanessa's abilities aren't limited to cooking and cleaning--she can size-shift, and perform any role of a woman that he wishes . . .
Contains: (Shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Emme Taylor.

50 Sizes Smaller
Mia hadn't been working at Stover Pharmaceuticals before she overheard her boss, Calvin, arguing with his girlfriend. When she storms by, telling him that she'd never be into his fantasy and was done with him, Mia blushes and goes back to work. But Calvin saw her, and for the first time takes an interest. Now, Mia can have all she wants, as long as she submits to Calvin and his naughty desires . . . desires that will change her body in a small way . . .
Contains: (Shrinking woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Lisa Thompson.

Roxanne's Gift
For as long as Roxanne Fallon can remember, she's had the ability to control and manipulate size. With just a thought, she can make anything grow or shrink. Her 'gift' has brought her so much pleasure that she's pushed aside the consequences for too long. Now, the law has taken notice of her and she must decide to hide away her power for good, or just let the chips fall where they may . . .
Contains: (Shrinking man/woman, growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Friends with Benefits (and a Shrink Ray)
Aiden and Katherine had been friends as long as he could remember and the two had always shared an attraction for one another, however neither would make a move. After a drunken one-night stand, Aiden divulges a hidden fantasy to Kat, to be shrunken down and played with in a sexual way by a giant woman--a fantasy that Katherine has remembered months later. Unknown to Aiden, Katherine just so happens to own a shrink ray, something passed down from her grandfather. Now, she has a chance to play with this intriguing toy and also make Aiden's wildest fantasies come true . . .
Contains: (Shrinking man)

This title also available as an audiobook from,, and

The Inmate
The experiments performed in The Scarlet Hole were never known to the outside world. Prisoners come in, are tested on, then either die or stay forever. When Misty Jenkins shows up, a prisoner with a long history of atrocities, she turns out to be a perfect candidate for a new growth serum. When the warden begins to interact with an increasingly larger woman, they hatch a plan to help her escape . . .
Contains: (Growing woman)
** This story has a sequel, Shrink Prison, also available in Volume 2.

Audiobook also available, as read by Sarah D. Spanbauer.

The Gaming Babe
Eddie has always had a crush on Jennifer Applegate, the gaming world's Gamer Babe. When he's showing off his company's shrink ray during a tech convention, he lands the attention of his crush. When she invites him to her hotel room the two explore all the possibilities that shrinking can create . . .
Contains: (Shrinking man/woman)
** This story also has a sequel, Booth Babes, also found in Volume 2.

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Never Drink from Unknown Bottles:
A Short Fantasy Tale
A tale of four adventurers . . .

When a group of companions become trapped inside a dungeon, they fear dying from starvation and thirst. But after finding a crate of unmarked bottles of 'water', they are overjoyed. However, they soon learn that armor isn't quite fitting correctly. Soon, getting out is coupled by more problems--they're growing, shrinking, but all of the changes are making them lustful . . .
Contains: (Shrinking man, growing woman, dick growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Heather McRae.

Keri's Potion
Keri has always been a science nerd. After watching a demonstration of growing and shrinking potions, she decides to bring some home to show her friend, Jack.
Contains: (Dick growth, growing woman)

Audiobook also available, as read by Delia Cyrillo.

Lady Christina's Circus
Piper, a reporter who's been following the strange disappearances of circus-goers decides to check out Lady Christina's circus. Her main event: Growing to fifty feet before an audience. When Piper decides to dig deeper into her mysterious power and the missing men, she finds herself in a whole new world . . .
Contains: (Growing woman, shrinking woman, tiny man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Sorority Sisters
Jill is a freshman at St. Phillips University and can't seem to impress her sorority mates. When she discovers that her biology department's new shrinking drug has an interesting side-effect, the girls are eager to let her in. It's a fun day with the Silver Sisters when a shrunken orgy breaks out. This is an all-girl tale. No boys!
Contains: (Shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Melissa's Bedroom
Mike always had a hidden fantasy. Melissa always had a hidden knack for science. When the two meet up at a bar one night, they'll discover they were always looking for each other. Mike has always fantasized about shrinking down and playing with a giant woman--something Melissa can do, and is all-too ready to deliver . . .
Contains: (Shrinking man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Naughty Uses for a Shrink Ray
Jack has worked alongside his wife and female coworkers at UniTech for years. He's always wondered if Megan had been into girls before they got together. Now that the company has perfected a working shrink ray, he finds that she just may be willing to let him have a little fun, as long as she's included. And of course, the shrink ray . . .
Contains: (Shrinking women/man)

Audiobook also available, as read by Frankie Holland.

Shrinking in Hotel Rooms
Sam invented a shrink ray. In hopes of finding a buyer, she invites friends to her hotel room for a demonstration. It has many practical purposes, but none so fun as in the bedroom. When she invites an old friend-turned-pornstar, she'll learn that having lots of ladies in a room with a shrink ray can be lots of fun.
Contains: (Shrinking man/women)
** This story has a sequel, Shrinking in Hotel Rooms 2: The Adult Film Expo, available in Volume 3.

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Shrunk By Witches
Tim thought another backpacking trip through Scotland was just the break he needed from college. But when he meets a mysterious woman at a local pub, his world is flipped upside down. Little does he know, he's about to witness a witches coven, one that's remained hidden for centuries--and one that has taken time to perfect the art of size-manipulation magic.
Contains: (Shrinking man, growing women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Heather McRae.

Size Ray University
The Follow-Up to Shrink Ray on Campus
After Doctor Katherine Walker decides to let a few students play with her matter manipulator, she decides there's much sexual fun to be had. Now, after building her own device, she learns just how much fun can come from shrinking and growing. Turning her eyes on the local university, she realizes the fun has only just started.
Contains: (Shrinking women, growing women, dick growth)

Audiobook also available, as read by Eva Perkele.

The Princess
When Jared's experimental shrinking serum loses its funding, he finds a new sponsor. Princess Kat wants to weaponize his research, but that doesn't mean he still can't have fun. Offering wealth, a home, safety, and his own personal harem, Kat hires him to produce as much serum as he can. Jared learns that there are perks to being a princess's 'Science Guy.'
Contains: (Shrinking man/women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Shrink Prison
The Follow-Up Story to The Inmate
Twenty years ago at the highly-secretive prison known as the Scarlet Hole, a woman grew to a thousand feet tall, then mysteriously vanished. Now, the prison is operational again, home for some of the worst inmates on the planet. However, growth serums are now illegal but prisoners are shrunken down based on crimes. The warden, Gloria Hamilton, daughter of the lead researcher, learns that her only link to proper procedure has been severed. Now, she can treat the shrunken prisoners any way that she sees fit . . .
Contains: (Shrinking men)

Audiobook also available, as read by Vivian Munro.

The Fairy in the Woods
Katherine is searching the forest so she can catalogue plants for a college class. When she stumbles upon a fairy, she finds they both have something in common--they both like women. When Katherine learns that the fairies can manipulate size, their sexual encounter becomes the ultimate pleasure.
Contains: (Shrinking women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Heather McRae.

Booth Babes
The Follow-Up to the Gaming Babe
A year after the Jaw Dropper tech event, Eddie and Jennifer are finally dating. But this year, his company won't be showing off a shrink ray. This year, it's all about Jennifer and her new show, BIG TALK. With the help of a growth ray, the show will launch with an event no one will forget. But as Eddie looks at the booth babes, now larger than ever, he can't help what he would do if he had them all alone . . .
Contains: (Growing women)

Audiobook also available, as read by Michelle Jones.

Shrunken in Space
The crew of the Utah is headed to colonize a new world. When a malfunction wakes four people up from cryo-sleep, they realize they are stranded aboard their own vessel. Now, with food running out, they face a drastic decision--either take a lethal dose of morphine, or shrink themselves down to make the food last. This seems like a good plan, until the matter condenser also malfunctions . . .
Contains: (Shrinking Women/men)

Audiobook also available, as read by Elizabeth Hardman.

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