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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 21.

Ms. Springer.jpg
Ms. Springer

After the new dance professor, Ms. Springer, experiences a strange phenomenon in a remote area of her town, she starts to feel odd. The next day, she's overseeing a dance troupe made up of six ladies and one guy . . . and she starts to grow!
But she's not the only one . . .
Ms. Springer is contagious, and now half the dance troupe is growing with her . . .
Contains: (growing women up to fifty feet tall)
Dominating Emily.jpg
Dominating Emily

Kate has been on top of the world for many years. The best in class. The most athletic. And now the head of a prominent research company that is making a device that augments size. She wants to rule the world, but she'll start with Emily.
Meek, eager to please, Emily is the perfect experiment for Kate and her unconventional sex . . .

Contains: (Growing futa, shrinking woman, sizes from a few inches up to twenty-five feet tall).
Joe’s Birthday Surprise.jpg
Joe's Birthday Surprise
A Girls Night Story


Joe knew his wife and her friends would include the shrink ray for his birthday. But this time, they let him choose the activities. In this latest chapter of the Girls Night saga, there's something for everyone! Shrinking man, shrinking women, body enhancement.

Contains: (shrinking man and women to 3 inches tall, male and female body enhancement)

His Nerdy Giantess Girlfriend

Gordon's new job may be more than he can handle . . .

After starting as an intern for a lab developing a shrink ray, he finds his boss is quite smitten with him. She takes him back to his place and shows him the power of her shrink ray! But now, her personality is only amplified.

Will Gordon survive the clutches of Sandra?

Contains: (Shrinking man to one inch tall, soft vore)
The Escape 2.jpg
The Escape 2: Crash-Landing

Joie and Sylvia didn't make it far. After a failed hyperspace jump, they crash land on a primitive planet filled with spear-wielding creatures. Now that Joie has started to shrink back down, she feels hungry and helps herself . . . to the locals!

They aren't happy about this, but it doesn't matter. Joie is trying to survive but Sylvia is in control . . . and she's getting bigger and bigger!

Contains: (Growing woman to 80 feet tall, soft vore)
The Getaway.jpg
The Getaway

All Clovis wanted was to make his wife happy. When he takes Shalizah to a remote cabin, he tries to impress her by showing off his old matter compressor prototype. She is overjoyed to make things shrink . . .

But when she tries to turn it on Clovis, the two struggle, resulting in the device being destroyed--and a malfunction.

Now, Shalizah is growing . . .

Contains: (growing woman to one hundred feet tall).
Let Me Watch You Shrink . . ..jpg
Let Me Watch You Shrink

Hugh and Jaqui hadn’t seen their friend Kate in a long time. When she comes into town, it’s not only to have dinner and catch up . . .

She offers a proposition: She’ll let them try the new, highly sought and quite expensive shrinking serum if only she can be present in the bedroom while they change.

At first, they are hesitant, but then Hugh and Jaqui realize there are worse things than pleasing one another . . . while an old friend watches them shrink . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man and woman down to six inches tall).
One Year Anniversary.jpg
One Year Anniversary
A Backseat Shrinking Story

Tom knew something was up when his friends Shelly and Melissa took him on a remote drive on the anniversary of bragging about hooking up. After pulling into an abandoned farmhouse, Shelly hops in the backseat with him and presents her company’s shrink ray.

Melissa just wants to watch as Shelly makes Tom small . . . then has her way with him.

Contains: (Shrinking man and woman to six inches tall).
Paisley and Reid.jpg
Paisley and Reid

One day, thirty-four year old Paisley began to grow. She didn't stop until she was a hundred feet tall. Her doctor, Reid, was immediately smitten with her. The two started dating, a challenge for someone so big. When the couple decide to take their relationship to the next level, he knows he must introduce her to his parents. Will they approve of their son dating a giantess?

Contains: (giant woman at one hundred feet tall).
The Gym Girl and the Cuck.jpg
The Gym Girl and the Cuck

After taking special pills, whenever Alexa and Jason have fun, they grow!

But he doesn't know that Alexa is married, and that her husband loves nothing more than to watch her get big with another man. Jason is in for the ride of his life!

Note: This is mostly a growing man story.
Contains: (Growing man and woman, up to 60 feet tall. Lots and lots of goo).
Toy-Sized Tim.jpg
Toy-Sized Tim

After driving through a tear in the middle of the road, Tim finds himself in a whole new world. A world filled with giant women! As he wanders aimlessly into a giant house, he's thrust into the middle of an adult toy party. When he thinks he's found a good hiding spot, he realizes it's anything but safe--and now the ladies believe he's just a cutting-edge toy, ready to be used!

Contains: (Giant women at 60 feet tall).
Fun with Shrinking Serum.jpg
Fun with Shrinking Serum

Rick, Christine, and Angel are the only ones left on base after a massive storm over the holiday weekend leaves them stranded. With free roam of the facility, the girls swipe a giant case from the lab--containing shrinking serums. The serums come in a variety of doses, and each only lasts twenty minutes, meaning the trio can have lots of creative fun . . .

Contains: (shrinking man down to half an inch, shrinking women down to three inches).

Her Collection.jpg
Her Collection

John knew there was something wrong with his girlfriend. He just didn't think she was a serial shrinker!

Kim has been abducting men for years, shrinking them down, then making them her pets. Now that John is living the life, he's discovered that he is Kim's favorite. But will that be enough to keep him safe from her sexual whims?

Contains: (shrunken men to 6 inches, not so nice giantess)

Emma’s Plaything.jpg
Emma's Plaything

Trinity City and Colossus had always lived in harmony, aside from the occasional human abduction by the giants. After a night of drinking, two friend groups - one human, one giant, decide to go looking for food. When they stumble upon each other, it means disaster for the girls. Only Jessica has the smarts to survive with her giantess . . . but for how long?

Contains: (Giant women at sixty feet tall, gentle play, rough play, PG snacking)

Friends with Benefits (and a Shrink Ray) 3(1).jpg
Friends with Benefits (and a Shrink Ray) 2: The New Friend

Aiden and Katherine are back with more foot-centric shrinking fun! This time, they want to add a third party, Michelle, who's always had a crush on Katherine.

Aiden has always had Katherine to himself--but now he's going to have a friend shrink down alongside him . . .

Contains: (shrinking man, shrinking woman, down to half an inch, footplay, sweat)

A Shrinking ‘Sickness’.jpg
A Shrinking 'Sickness'

After a jungle trip to the Amazon, Bob realizes he is shrinking. Each time he gets mad, he loses inches. As he adjusts to life, his wife Amy becomes more distant, takes on a new lover, and hatches a devious plan to create her own playthings . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man to five inches, Shrinking woman)

Bryce’s Punishment.jpg
Bryce's Punishment

Bailey loves her job as an executioner--she gets to grow bigger and punish men who have done awful things. But when her boyfriend ends up on death row, she wonders if she has the heart to do what needs to be done . . .

Contains: (Sweet, but effective executioner giantess at 250 feet tall, vore, crush, no gore/blood).

Maeve’s Scared Little Man.jpg
Maeve's Scared Little Man

Ever since they met on the Sweet Squeak app, Maeve and Max have hit it off. Once they decide to go through with shrinking him, Max learns he's afraid of heights! Maeve doesn't like this, so she decides to try a little Exposure Therapy. Now, Max is in for all sorts of adventures . . .

Contains: (shrinking man at one and a half inches tall).

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