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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 17.

Sadistic Therapy.jpg
Sadistic Therapy

Owning a shrink ray provided Carleigh with the right tools to help her clients. Dubbing it Shrink Therapy, Carleigh can make a stale marriage seem like fun again.

But she has other motives . . .

Carleigh loves to abuse men and women who are bad for their partners. Over time, she has her own collection of tiny people . . . starting with her controlling boyfriend, Jake.

Contains: (Shrunken men at three feet tall, five inches, three inches)
The Ladies of New Torrance.jpg
The Ladies of New Torrance

Josh has always dreamed of a town. In his dreams, he stands in front of a long stretch of highway, a road sign, and a couple of houses. But the strangest part – he’s always small.

After deciding to take a road trip to see this town for himself, he meets several beautiful women who seem oddly interested in him. Once he goes to sleep, he wakes to find them all surrounding him.

And his body slowly growing smaller . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man to five inches tall)
Jayne's Dollhouse.jpg
Jayne's Dollhouse
A Just a Few Inches Story

They just keep shrinking . . .

Jayne has a fun idea—she buys a dollhouse with the intent of playing inside it while shrunken down with her girlfriend, Sam.
But Sam is too scared to get that small, so Jayne finds an alternative—Dana.

Dana is becoming addicted to the shrinking serum just like Jayne. Before long, they’re dwindling down, ready to play in the dollhouse . . .

But Sam is there to make sure they behave . . . or at least misbehave with her.

Contains: (Shrinking women down to less than ten inches)
A New Home.jpg
A New Home
After crash landing on Earth, aliens Tam and Kai learn they are two-hundred feet tall. They want a new place to live, but the humans aren’t willing to share . . . nor are they.

They face off against the U.S. Navy who hopes to stop this alien invasion before it starts.

Contains: (violence, giant man and giant woman)
Climbing Shawn.jpg
Climbing Shawn

Shawn’s Dreamweaver can distort reality. He can conjure matter and make it disappear. But most importantly, he can alter the size of anything.

When he has a group of friends over, he offers them each a wish. But it’ll come at the end of a contest.

And the contest? Being shrunken down and climbing to the top of Shawn’s . . . most favorite body part.

Contains: (giantess, shrunken women, shrunken man, lots of goo).
The Biggest Popstar.jpg
The Biggest Pop Star

Sasha was one of seven girls in Devilry, South Korea’s latest K-Pop sensation. When the girls are filming a music video in L.A., she receives a strange device that she accidentally uses on herself.

Now she’s growing bigger—first twenty-five feet tall, then much, much taller.

Sasha wants to be the star, but the world will try to take her down. She’s determined to make her mark . . .

Contains: (Destruction, some violence, giantess at twenty-five feet and then two-hundred feet).
Size Party.jpg
Size Party

James hated blind dates. When his online friend suggests they take part in a ‘Mystery Party’, he doesn’t know what to make of it.

He shows up with Brooklyn and enters a lavish estate with several beautiful women.

They soon meet Miss Easton, the overseer of tonight’s events. There’s only a few cryptic rules: Sweet is big, salty is small. Red is big, blue is small.

Before long, James realizes this is a sex party where everything goes. Size is relative, as random potions and treats throughout the house can make someone grow or shrink. This blind date just became a lot more fun . . .

Contains: (Shrunken man, shrunken women, giantess).
The Shortest Girl in Town.jpg
The Shortest Girl in Town

Krista had always been tall. Standing at six-foot-six, she was often ridiculed in school. She hated her size so much that she wouldn’t even mention it to her online girlfriend, Anna.

After finally flying across country to meet her, Krista realizes the town of Angel Grove isn’t what she thought it would be . . .

Everything is so much bigger—the cars, the buildings, the park benches. Even the people. She sees men and women towering over her. When she meets Anna, standing at eight-foot-one, she realizes she’s certainly the shortest girl in town.

Contains: (no size changing, giant women up to fourteen feet tall, giant man up to ten feet tall).
Shrink Ray Home Defense.jpg
Shrink Ray Home Defense


Doshia built a shrink ray. She’s tried it out on just about everything but wants to test it on a human. She flirts with the idea of shrinking her boyfriend down but is too scared.


When a trio of robbers break into her house, she knows she’s found the perfect test subjects . . .


Contains: (shrinking men down to six inches).

Dwindling Scott.jpg
Dwindling Scott

Scott always knew strange things were happening at his company.

When a beautiful trio of scientists asks him to be part of a secret experiment, he has no idea he’ll spend his time as a shrunken toy. Now, he knows the ladies are only going to keep making him smaller. Will he ever escape?

Contains: (Shrinking man at 3 feet tall, 18 inches tall, 6 inches tall).
The Growing Coeds.jpg
The Growing Coeds

College couple Brad and Amanda signed up for an experiment to make quick money: Take a drug and grow an extra inch taller.

But Jenna, the researcher, made a miscalculation . . .

The more turned on Brad and Amanda get, the larger they grow. Soon, their lovemaking isn’t enough . . . they need others.

Amanda orchestras several gals and guys to join in the fun. If the giants stay aroused, will their growth ever stop?

Contains: (giantess and giant, slow growth to seventy feet tall).
The Party.jpg
The Party
A Just a Few Inches Story
The shrinking serum is getting out of hand . . .
After learning that another girl at work has been dosing with the serum, Sam gets invited to a party.<br><br>She and Jayne arrive, only to find out the drink of the night is more serum! Sam, Lauren, and Nancy decide to get a little smaller for the evening.
Now . . . it’s a party!
Contains: (Shrinking women)
A Size Patrol Story
For as long as she could remember, Madison had the ability to change size. It was a novel trick, one that she wouldn’t want anyone to see.

When she gets older, she begins to put it to practical use. Calling herself Majika, she becomes a cat burglar, able to shrink herself down to size and steal whatever she wants . . . until someone smarter catches on.

She’s given purpose to use her abilities for a bigger cause. Majika will travel to Central City where a bevy of superpowered heroes—and villains—are already making a name for themselves.<br><br>But someone doesn’t want Majika to make the journey . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man)
Sharing Dexter.jpg
Sharing Dexter
A Corporate Story
Amber Collins returns to the Corporate series with Sharing Dexter, an open-ended subchapter in the NovaTech world.

During a business trip, Dexter is shrunken down to six-inches tall, the perfect size for his girlfriend Laura and the company’s shrink ray designer, Jane. But the girls don’t want to share.

Late that night, Dex works out a plan to be with both girls . . . but will it backfire?

Contains: (shrinking man to six inches).
Amber Collins.jpg
The Nympho
Albert would do anything for Charlene . . .

. . . Even joining her at a remote cabin and taking a shrinking potion!

Now that he’s helpless and in the care of a beautiful woman, she decides she wants to have a little painful fun with him.

Can Albert survive Charlene’s desires?

Contains: (Shrinking man to six inches, violence).
The Biggest PopStar 2.jpg
The Biggest Popstar: Part 2
She’s even bigger . . .

Sasha has gone on a rampage! Now that she’s big enough to topple the largest buildings in L.A., she doesn’t want to slow down. But a nearby base is launching planes her way. Will she take this lightly?

Contains: (Giant woman at 500 feet tall).
Little Bryan.jpg
Little Bryan

Bryan suffered from a rare genetic disorder that made him shrink. Once the disease became active, it was anyone’s guess how small he’d become.


Lucky for him, his old landlord Gloria agreed to give him a place to stay. At first she’s simply helping out an old friend, but as time goes by, Bryan realizes she likes him . . . and his new size.


But he’s not finished shrinking. Each day, Bryan is a little smaller. Will Gloria still like him when he’s no bigger than her toes?


Contains: (Shrinking man from eighteen inches down to half an inch).

online friends.jpg
Online Friends

Chris and Cassie had been friends for ages. They met online innocently enough, but this flirtatious friendship blossomed in a fun way—they started to experiment with size roleplay!


Now, months later, Chris decides to leave New Zealand to visit his friend in the US. What he doesn’t know is that Cassie’s planning on actually shrinking him! His wildest fantasies are about to come true . . .


Contains: (Shrinking man to 2 inches, a not-so-happy ending).

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