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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 17.

Sadistic Therapy.jpg
Sadistic Therapy

Owning a shrink ray provided Carleigh with the right tools to help her clients. Dubbing it Shrink Therapy, Carleigh can make a stale marriage seem like fun again.

But she has other motives . . .

Carleigh loves to abuse men and women who are bad for their partners. Over time, she has her own collection of tiny people . . . starting with her controlling boyfriend, Jake.

Contains: (Shrunken men at three feet tall, five inches, three inches)
The Ladies of New Torrance.jpg
The Ladies of New Torrance

Josh has always dreamed of a town. In his dreams, he stands in front of a long stretch of highway, a road sign, and a couple of houses. But the strangest part – he’s always small.

After deciding to take a road trip to see this town for himself, he meets several beautiful women who seem oddly interested in him. Once he goes to sleep, he wakes to find them all surrounding him.

And his body slowly growing smaller . . .

Contains: (Shrinking man to five inches tall)
Jayne's Dollhouse.jpg
Jayne's Dollhouse
A Just a Few Inches Story

They just keep shrinking . . .

Jayne has a fun idea—she buys a dollhouse with the intent of playing inside it while shrunken down with her girlfriend, Sam.
But Sam is too scared to get that small, so Jayne finds an alternative—Dana.

Dana is becoming addicted to the shrinking serum just like Jayne. Before long, they’re dwindling down, ready to play in the dollhouse . . .

But Sam is there to make sure they behave . . . or at least misbehave with her.

Contains: (Shrinking women down to less than ten inches)
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