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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 18.

Small Problems Cover
Small Problems

Barry invented the world’s first shrink ray. Unfortunately, it was irreversible. When an accident shrinks him—along with six other people—he’s forced to resign from his company, sell his assets, and slip quietly into obscurity.

At the suggestion of his lawyer, he hires a caretaker, Jenny. But is she as sweet as she pretends? Barry learns that Jenny may have her own reasons for keeping him safe . . .

Contains: (Shrunken man at six inches).
The Shortest Girl in Town(1).jpg
The Shortest Girl in Town 2
The Sharp Couple

Krista thought she’d already met the biggest people in Angel Grove.

Turns out, they don’t top out at fifteen feet tall!

As she becomes acquainted with Anna’s friends, she learns that years of living in a town of mismatched sizes has brought out the naughtiness of everyone . . .

Contains: (No size changing, giantesses from 8 feet up to 20 feet tall, giant men).
The Divorce.jpg
The Divorce

When Brad filed for divorce, he was given an option of getting to keep his money: Shrink down and work out the differences with his wife, Heather. She creates an elaborate series of challenges so that he might win back his fortune but he knows the game is stacked against him. Things really heat up when Heather invites over Emily, Brad's ex-girlfriend . . .

Contains: (Shrunken man at six-inches tall, a not-so-gentle giantess, a not-so-happy ending).
two sides of the same beach.jpg
Two Sides of the Same Beach

For Tasha and Mari, the beach was an escape. They come here to explore themselves . . . and each other. But a tiny colony of men lives here. The tinies have only one purpose: To be at the disposal of the giantesses. The girls take great pleasure in their torment. But to the tinies, this is a nightmare come true . . .

Contains: (Tiny men from two inches down to a centimeter).
more small problems.jpg
More Small Problems

While Barry Nichols was the most well-off victim of the Nichols lab shrinking, Jack Goodman was the worst. A custodian for the lab, he was caught up in the same accident that shrunk several others. Even with a settlement, he had very little money, so he was forced to move in with his old college roommates, Roy and Eve.

But the next-door neighbor was amazed by this tiny man and she offered to take care of him during the day when his normal caretakers were at work. Would Jack enjoy his new living arrangements, or be scared by them?

Contains: (Shrunken man at six inches tall).
The Draymore Giants.jpg
The Draymore Giants: Book 1

When a trio of friends discover their bed and breakfast is a gateway to a miniature world, they’ll find themselves in the middle of a class system that needs to be undone. However, each friend believes in a different method of achieving this . . .

Contains: (no eroticism, giantesses at 600 feet tall).
mother in law.jpg
The Mother-in-Law

Ron Bailey was just another victim of the Nichol’s lab incident.
When the settlement money runs out, his wife has to rejoin the workforce. Now, he needs a new character.
Enter Lois, his mother-in-law. Lois was a party girl in her younger days. A little vengeful, especially toward a six-inch man. Will Ron survive his days with the mother-in-law?
Contains: (shrunken men at six-inches tall).
Veronica's Cam Show.jpg
Veronica's Cam Show

Veronica would do anything for subscribers to her web cam show! Even shrink her ex-boyfriend, Brad! Now that he's small and helpless, she takes viewer requests for all the fun things she wants to do to him! She may even invite a friend over to help . . . Will Brad survive the cam show?

Contains: (Shrunken man at six inches, not so nice girl, not so nice ending).
Free Rent.jpg
Free Rent

Henry knew the place was too good to be true. Free rent? There had to be a catch. And if that wasn't a sweet enough deal, his roommates would be a couple of hotties! Tara and Lori suggest they celebrate one night over wine. The next thing Henry knows, he's waking up and is now just six inches tall! The free rent is real . . . he won't be paying a penny. But he WILL be paying . . .

Contains: (shrunken man to six inches tall, not so nice women, not so nice ending).
Two Girls, a Guy, and a Shrink ray.jpg
Two Girls, a Guy, and a Shrink Ray
A Backseat Shrinking Story

Out of the blue, Mike receives a text from his college crush: Come out, let’s have some fun.

Before he knows it, they’re driving into the night, picking up a strange, yet beautiful girl, then parking in an abandoned lot.

But the girls have a plan for tonight . . .

They want to shrink each other, then have their way with Mike. He loves the idea of playing with toy-sized ladies . . .

Contains: (Shrunken women down to six inches).
One Night Stand.jpg
One Night Stand

All Nick wanted was a little fun. He thought he was getting to roleplay his favorite size scenario but a mix-up leaves him at six inches tall and trapped in a hotel room.

But soon, Amber Johnson arrives. She’s the CEO of a company that makes size shifting a reality.

And she’s all too eager to play with him . . .

Contains: (shrunken man at six inches, brief giantess).
A New Home 2.jpg
A New Home 2

They’re back and they’re bigger than ever!<br><br>Kai and Tam arrived on Earth with the hopes of finding a new home. But humans don’t like it when giants destroy everything in their path.
Now that they’ve become irradiated, Kai and Tam can destroy twice as efficiently!
Contains: (giant man and giant woman up to 1000 feet tall).
Amanda's Roleplay.jpg
Amanda's Roleplay

Amanda and Felix had trouble in the bedroom. When she suggests they try a unique roleplay, he still isn’t onboard.
Until she brings out a shrink ray . . .
Now, he’s seeing his petite wife in a way he’s never seen her before! Will this sexy size scenario be what finally gets their love life on track?

Contains: (Shrinking man from three feet tall to six inches tall).
Game Night.jpg
Game Night
A Just a Few Inches Story

Ever since Lauren learned of the shrinking serum at her house party, she knew she wanted to try it out with her closest friends.

She invites them all over and they play serum roulette—none of them know who will get the biggest dose! The board games soon become the last things they want to play!

Contains: (Shrinking man down to three feet tall, shrinking women down to fourteen inches tall).
Incurable Shrinking.jpg
Incurable Shrinking

On James’s thirty-second birthday, his glasses fell right off into his cake when he was blowing out the candles. He and his wife, Carmen, knew right away . . .

He'd contracted the shrinking virus . . .

As with all MINI-7 transmissions, he would eventually shrink away to nothing. It would test their marriage and certainly their sex life.

How long would James have before he disappeared forever?

Contains: (Shrinking man all the way down to nothing).
Alexa's Test Subject(s).jpg
Alexa's Test Subject(s)
A Corporate Story

Ever since Reed tried to steal company secrets from FemTech, he’s been reduced to Alexa’s plaything. Spending his life as a shrunken man has its benefits . . .

When Alexa and her assistant Aurora decide to try out a top-secret shrink ray augmentation on a deserted island, they bring him along.

The test is secondary . . . Their pleasure on this remote island comes first.

Contains: (Shrunken man and woman at six inches tall and three inches tall).
My Little Pet, Guy.jpg
My Little Pet, Guy

Ever since Guy was diagnosed with Sudden Onset Shrinking, he knew it was the end of his marriage to Claudia.


She becomes increasingly more distant, more flirty with strangers, and starts to see him as nothing more than a burden.


How much longer can Guy stay in her good graces . . . and keep her satisfied?


Contains: (Shrinking man to one inch).

The Wine.jpg
The Wine

Beth had always been big. Amber had always been small. When they make a wish across a magic bottle of wine, they discover a secret power to reverse roles . . .


Beth keeps dwindling while Amber begins to tower over everything!


Contains: (Growing woman, shrinking woman).

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