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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 20.

Belle's Place.jpg
Belle's Place

In the future, after men have been deemed a menace to society and are thus shrunken down to insect-size, Belle Hargrave decides to open a restaurant devoted to the enjoyment of these nonessential creatures. She open's Belle's Place to a select few women to show off her delicious meals. Will they love it? Or will they find that consuming tiny men only lights a fire in their arousal?

Contains: (tiny men at one centimeter tall, hard vore, soft vore, not so nice women, not so happy ending)
A Detour on the Way to the Moon.jpg
A Detour on the Way to the Moon

In this alternate timeline, astronauts in 1958 are on their way to the moon when a purple vortex opens and sucks them in. After crashing onto a planet they soon realize isn’t Earth, they meet the natives.
Giant women are desperate for their help. Their species, made entirely of females, is close to going extinct. They need the men’s genetic material to keep their civilization going.
And they’ll certainly make it worth the tiny men’s time . . .

Contains: (Gentle giantesses at seventy-five feet tall).
I Dare You to Grow(1).jpg
I Dare You to Grow

Friends Shawn, Micah, and Tabby have created the world’s first matter manipulator bands which allows the wearer to grow larger. The only catch is they can only be operated remotely. After a coin toss, Tabby and Micah will be the two testing out the bands. Shawn, armed with his laptop, rewards them with size whenever they do something naughty.
But is the joke on Shawn? What will these giants do to him once they no longer need him to control their size?

Contains: (Giant man and woman, various sizes up to 150 feet, destruction, no violence, M/m interactions).
Team Bonding.jpg
Team Bonding
A Just a Few Inches Story

Jessica and Dana used to be the tallest on the volleyball team. But constant dosing with shrinking serum has permanently robbed them of their height.

But it’s totally worth it . . .

They decide to meet with their volleyball team, only it isn’t a casual meet-up. Jessica spikes the drinks and now everyone is going down the rabbit hole . . .

Contains: (Shrinking women from three-foot-nine down to twelve inches tall).
When the Wife is Away, the Girlfriend will GROW(1).jpg
When Wife's Away, Girlfriend will GROW!

Ed and his girlfriend, Beth work at the same lab—one that just perfected a growth serum. When Ed’s wife goes out of town, he decides to swipe some of the formula and invite Beth over for a little naughty, sizey fun. But they may have bitten off more than they can chew . . .
Dosing can be so fickle . . .
Contains: (Growing women up to hundreds of feet tall).
The Hypnotist.jpg
The Hypnotist

Billy has been sent to woo the world’s most famous celebrity, Carrie Michaels. He’s been hired by the families of multiple men who have disappeared while in the company of Carrie. What he discovers is something far more bizarre than murder.

Carrie has been using her hypnosis abilities to shrink men and keep them as pets. But as Billy gets closer to the celeb, will he fall into the same trap?

Contains: (Shrinking men from half-size to three inches, no gore, soft vore).
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