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These stories are available individually and will be part of Tales of Macrophilia and Microphilia: Volume 22.

Big Gal Security(1).jpg
Big Gal Security 2: The Intern

After Jamie is beaten in a bar fight, his dad insists on getting protection in the form of Big Gal Security. He's assigned Eden, a three hundred foot tall giantess who will stay with him at all times and protect him. But Jamie knew Eden in college - and knew she had a crush on him. Will Eden be able to keep this totally professional?

Contains: (Giant women at three hundred feet, gentle, light on eroticism)

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Buzz N Shrink

Jill and Katie were college friends who went different ways. Jill researched the effects of vibration on the human body and Katie delved into the tech industry. When Jill figures out a way to make humans shrink through vibration, she has the perfect idea. But she'll need Katie's help.

Together, they form Size Kink Solutions, a company that makes adult toys . . . with an extra feature.

Contains: (shrinking men and women, down to three inches tall)

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