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I'm Back!!!

I've been gone for a long time but I'm back with new stories and new features. Wow, I just sounded like a toaster or something, huh? Okay, you may notice this place looks a little different. There's a reason for that. Way back when I started doing this, I posted a ton of photos of myself, my feet, even a couple not so PG shots. This caused a lot of problems with my then fiance (now husband) and we actually almost broke up over it. I agreed to stop writing and I took my whole site offline.

Now, we've come to an agreement because after all, this is his kink too. I'm still writing and publishing through Amazon. I'm also taking commissions for stories (see the commission tab at the top) and I've relaunched this site, obviously. The agreement my husband and I have is that I won't post any more pictures of myself. There's still a few out there on old book covers and such, but there's not much I can do about that. So please, respect that I no longer post myself. I love Giantess, Shrunken Men, and the Community but I love my Husband even more. Thanks again, and it's good to be back!


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