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So I've been gaming a lot lately. That's my one true passion aside from writing. And I feel like we are at a point where we should be able to have good shrinking and growing in our video games. Stay with me here . . .

How about a physics-based game where shrinking is the main mechanic? We have a ray gun that can be upgraded but it isn't just a weapon . . . it's also a tool. Can't reach that ledge? Enlarge a box and now you can. That hole is too small? Shrink yourself and fit through it (Yes, I'm aware that the Alice game handled this particular idea but you get the point).

This is such a solid idea. Maybe I should Kickstart it? Or maybe someone who is much better at this stuff than me could do it. I would back that for sure.

And here's the key to this idea. Please, please don't make it raunchy and accessible to one type of fan. One of my main goals as a writer of size erotica is to turn people onto the fantasy who've never thought of it. I want our community, for lack of a better term, to GROW. I think a size-based game would help flip the switch for some people to see what makes size fun.

Or it could all be this glass of wine . . .


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